Real estate investors Buffalo, NY area

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Hi Mario,

I am an investor and architect here in Buffalo, NY. Please reach out if you would like to call connect. I have an agent here in WNY that has been great at getting deals done quickly and I would also love to recommend him as well.



@Mario Bonner hello, there’s a meetup in town once a month. I unfortunately haven’t been able to go in a very long time but look for it here in the forums or maybe the events page.

@Mario Bonner I am an investor new to the Buffalo market with one duplex to date (a BRRRR). I am waiting to hear on a few other offers in the market as well. DM me I am happy to connect and chat any time!

@Matthew Irish-Jones connected with me when I entered the market and I am now using one of his contacts on my BRRRR. Would recommend him as a connection as well!