Looking for Indianapolis Wholesalers

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I am looking to buy SFR and small multi-family properties in Indianapolis and its surrounding townships. Can someone point me to some good wholesalers in the area?

We work with a lot of wholesellers and we often buy directly to cut out the contracts and give the investment opportunity directly to our clients. Its important to run the numbers and find properties that will increase ROI, our software does all that work for you - if you'd like to talk more, please feel free to reach out!

Otherwise, there are a lot of opportunities on social media to connect with local wholesellers - we get several leads from there each week! Once you start connecting, you will be added to their e-mail blasts so you get the first advertisement (typically) before you have to research and find it elsewhere.

Good luck!!

Shoot me your email please

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Hi Gentlemen, I am looking for properties where price plus rehab is less than 70% of ARV. If the numbers work, I will pursue light and/or heavy rehabs.

I assume the rent ready properties are already at market value or close to it.

I'd be wary of some of the stuff on social media.  BiggerPockets provides a great forum to discuss positive results vs. negative results, and generally is the best place to research companies, provided they are active in Indianspolis.  

I know about 3 really good wholesalers in Indianapolis, the rest have way too much fluff in their business model.

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Hi Richard, in your opinion what makes a great wholesaler? I’m still about 3 months fresh in this industry and I’m constantly doing research and browsing on BP to learn the ins and outs so when I do relocate to a Indy I can hit the ground running. Do you have any advice for me so I can be the 4th good wholesaler you know?!

Well, You have to hustle hard!  But hustling doesnt have to mean being dishonest. Dont fluff your prices too much.  Make a little at a time and definitely pay a finders fee or referral fee to those who help you.  

Learn how to evaluate a property, pull, read and understand comps.  Beware of those that say the will "teach" you.  Some are good and some are bad. There are a few good mentors in Indianapolis and some not so good. 

Be fair to the buyer. You cant make a fortune on one deal.  You will just run yourself into the ground.  Building a buyers list takes doing what is right for the client / investor.