Charlotte, NC + Rock Hill/Fort Mill, SC - Networking!

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Hello BP! First post, newbie to BP. I've been an agent for over 3 years, bought 2 primary properties in the last year (moving into a renovation soon and using first home as rental). Would love to be able to purchase more for long-term rentals when off-market opportunities/listings come up, but not sure how to get started with hard money/financing. I currently have a two pre-market properties that are around $200k that would make great rentals.

Also would love to network with anyone in/around Charlotte. I cover Charlotte Metro area - north of CLT to Statesville, NC & Salisbury, NC, west to Gastonia, NC, and south to Rock Hill, SC. 

Look forward to contributing to the group. 


Hi Natalie!

I am also a newbie in the real estate investing world and living in Charlotte. I am attempting to soak in as much knowledge as possible before making that first deal. All of those areas you mention are areas I would be interested in finding a property. Question on how the pre-market properties work: Is that something that would show up on the MLS? I recall there might be a 24hr period or something of the sort before it shows up on the MLS. Follow-up to that is if an investor is interested in the pre-market property, what would be the advantage - i.e. first to look at it? first to make an offer? etc...



Hey Jerry!

You are correct that any advertised property by an agent needs to be in the MLS as coming-soon or active within 24 hours. I am not looking to advertise these outside of MLS because I will be listing them, but rather I'd like to have options to buy them myself when they come along. But it never hurts for an agent to know local investors who are serious, and sometimes these pre-market opportunities come up in conversation - but not advertised.

To answer your question - the advantage for investor is first to look/offer without competition or blind bidding in a "highest and best offer" situation, especially in a market that's this competitive. There are some advantages for the sellers depending on the situation. For example, right now if there's a couple living in a house they want to sell but they don't feel comfortable with strangers coming into their home for health reasons/concerns, an investor may offer them a fair deal without them having to do showings/go to market.

Hope this helps! I'd be happy to chat more about what you're looking for in your first investment property -  and offer any help I can from my experience an an agent.


Welcome Natalie, I'm glad to see a fellow Charlottean on BP. I'm also a Realtor in Charlotte so I'm looking forward to the opportunity in the future to work on a deal together with another BP Realtor!

Hi @Natalie Staff   and welcome! I am in Charlotte as well.  BP has loads of information so if you want to dig into certain topics, just search the key words and relevant posts will pop up.  I would recommend going to Network - Hard Money lenders and setting up a couple calls so they can walk you through their qualifications and processes.  

Hey Natalie! I'm a newbie in Charlotte as well. Always looking to meet people in the space and mastermind, discuss, partner, or otherwise just stay motivated with others in the area. Happy to connect! I've sent a request.

Same goes for others in this thread :)



Welcome! Another Charlotte newbie here. In the Plaza Midwood area and have been driving all around the Charlotte area and the outskirts seeing what's out there, what areas are reasonably priced (for newer investors) and which ones are really expensive (a lot of those, lol).

@Daniel Shuler It really depends on how far outside of the city you want to go :)

Are you looking to buy and hold? It definitely takes some digging to find great deals in Charlotte, but it can be done. There are still some opportunities west of 85.

Gastonia, Rock Hill, and Clover have good opportunities on the south side.  Kannapolis, Concord, Salisbury, Statesville, Mooresville, have some pretty good deals to the north.  

Cornelius, Huntersville, Fort Mill and Belmont are pretty expensive.

Hey all, excited to see more and more investors in the South Charlotte, Rock hill, Fort Mill area.  We host a meetup the last Thursday of the month down in Rock Hill, so please feel free to come out.  The event is posted here on BP, or you can reach out to me directly for more info! 

@Natalie Staff I’m a newbie also. Living in the Mooresville area. I lived in Charlotte for the last 35 years, just moved in 2019. Looking to network & invest in the areas that you mentioned. BP is a great resource. Looking forward to when we can have a meetup.