Hello BP. This is my first post so here's a little about me; I am mainly a fix and flipper with my real estate license working on my 5th flip in 2 years. I also have a full time job as a mechanical engineer so real estate is on the side. I want to create a website to showcase my flips (not necessary blog about them) but showcase the purchase/rehab/sale/etc about the flip and some of the process I went through during (I have all this documented in my notes). I figure having a website will help push me to the next level with getting leads/properties/general exposure about me by showing other investors/wholesalers/contractors/etc that I am serious and have some sort of idea with what I am doing. 

My question for everyone out there is would you recommend a few websites that are equivalent to something like this? I am trying to help out my web designer by showing a few examples of what is out there.

Any other suggestions/feedback would be appreciated. 

Thank you in advance.