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Hi everyone! I recently traded in my 2006 Dodge Ram and am now desinging my new rear window advertising. It's a bit harder than what I had on my Dodge. That was simple. Magnet on the tailgate and in big yellow letters on the left rear window panel I put "We Buy Houses" above it was my website and on the right panel was my number.

Now I have an Escalade and want to have a more classy advertisement. Plus I was looking to create a new logo for my company since mine is from Vista Print and they won't sell me the rights to it. So onwards I go for redesign.

My vinyl guy and I have been tossing ideas around and I have two examples I that are really close to what I think I want. The only difference between these two are the letter color on the tailgate. So what I'm looking for is fellow Investors and the BP network to give me some opinions on using black or grey lettering on the tailgate.

I have never inserted images so hopefully these can be clicked and enlarged. Thanks in advance for any responses.

ok didn't work. let me post online so I can link to them.... brb


Black Lettering

Updated almost 5 years ago

ok. I seem to be having problems linking as well... If you can see the difference in the post then leave a response. I know it's hard to see though

I like the grey for classiness, but the black will POP

The Black lettering is easier to read.

On your back window, I can't see how anyone would be able to ready anything other than the logo and the large tagline next to it. All the other writing and the website seem too small to be read.

While a beautiful vehicle, this Escalade design is not friendly to this type of advertising, imo..Perhaps leave the logo and tagline on the back window and move the website and other small print to the tailgate.

@Ryan R. , i was thinking that too. ibhave one design i put the website on the lower part of the tailgate and the number on the window.

Yeah that would probably work best. I'm a fan of less is more when advertising. You've got a great logo, don't clutter it with non-essential info.

No pun intend.

I totally agree “ but the black will POP “

@Ryan R. , here is a version with the website on the tailgate. It opens up space on the back window for the number Still haven't figured out how to get a bigger clearer picturer on here though.

Sole purpose of advert is to get phone to ring right? So phone number is invisible so no call to action. Put the number on the tailgate real big.

Also it isn't clear you are talking about houses unless you can read the fine print.........

I agree with @Dean Letfus ... I used to own a bus bench advertising business. By far the most effective ads were the ones that had the least information, with a big phone number or website. They were the hardest to sell to the advertiser, because they wanted nice logos, tag lines etc.

I like your second design with the website on the tailgate.

I can see Dean's point about a call to action, but I think the website gives more attraction than a phone number. I would argue that most consumers nowadays, will visit a website before they make a phone call. They want more information discreetly before they talk to someone directly.

My main career is in Marketing/Sales so I deal with this type of thing often.

Make the www. small and the CKIProperties Large and the .com small. Accentuate what you want them to remember. Everyone knows a standard web address, in fact you could probably leave off www. and just put the .com after your web address.

@Dean Letfus , Thank you for the input.

I moved the website to the tailgate because it was too cluttered looking. The number on the window was easier to read and the tailgate gives more space for the website.

The phrase "Need To Sell? We are Buying" is actually one of the most popular things people put on bandit signs according to posts here on BP. I changed I am buying to We are buying to see if I liked it better.

And considering the whole picture shows CKI Properties, if someone can't put two and two together that I am talking about properties, then I can't make it much clearer. At least that's how I see it. I also want the ad to be classy and professional because of the vehicle I drive now.

On my dodge I had big yellow letters "We Buy Houses" and my phone number. I don't want that on this truck. A nice professional logo will catch someones eye and lead them to the message just underneath. How many bandit signs do you see a day that simply say what my last truck said? In my area I see at least 5 a day and more on the weekends. So I need to be one step ahead of what everyone else is doing to get the leads. Plus I drive so much for work, my truck is mobile advertising. Right now I am working at a plant almost 70 miles away from my home. I sit in rush hour traffic. How many people you think sit and stare at the back of my truck?? Lots!!

@Dell Schlabach , thank you for you response also.

I'm creating a logo to help my company become recognizable. I am building a business not just a side job or wholesaling company. I currently have rentals and am looking to build and grow into multiple investing areas such as wholesaling, apartment complexes, and eventually commercial. I am looking to get leads by word of mouth as well as other forms of marketing. I have been able to help people in more ways than just buying a house. I help them with knowledge, referrals and so on.

The logo will help the the company appearance to be professional as well.

I'm in this for the long haul and that's how I have structured my business. Since I do still work a regular job, I have been aiming my leads to my website more because it's hard for me to answer the phone all the time at work. So for me it's better for them to see the website clearer on the tailgate instead of crunching on the window. My site gets a lot of traffic.

I get leads from people looking for rentals even when I don't have any available. I'm not sure how they find it because I have not set up any search engine optimization yet. I do list on CL when I have vacancies or am looking to buy but other than that, people have gotten my site by word of mouth, the sign on my truck, and apparently search engines. This is exactly why I want a recognizable logo now.

@Ryan R. , I agree about the website. I have built a few in my days. Not all were hits but even I look up websites before calling people anymore. Plus as I mentioned before this post is I do get lots of traffic to my site now even without any SEO. I do plan to implement SEO at sometime but in all honesty, I am not in a position to handle hundreds of phone calls and leads every month.

I work full time and often 60 hours a week. I travel at last minutes notice. I also am married with children. All this and I am also building my real estate company. So I guess I should have clarified my goal with the vehilce advertising as well.

I do not want to concentrate on wholesaling. It's just another tool to ad to my toolbox of real estate. I originally started advertising on my Dodge truck solely for deduction reasons. Now I am trying to get into wholesaling (been hard to sit down and just do it) and had just added that advertising on my Dodge 3 weeks before I decided to trade it in.

I did get a great lead doing this on my Dodge. It would have been a great wholesale deal except I sat on it for 3 weeks trying to get the money myself because I wanted the property. The money fell through and the day I posted it here, I had a few interested buyers but that same day an offer was submitted and accepted. So I know the vehicle advertising can work and its simple. Not time consuming like placing and removing bandit signs and it's a one time fee.. assuming I don't change my ad... ha ha ha... which I seem to do...

Originally posted by Justin Stamper:
I like the grey for classiness, but the black will POP

This is exaclty what I was going for with the grey. Classy and professional. But in the rendering it looks like it may not catch someone's eye as easily due to the tailgate being pearl white.

I use the same vinyl as my signs, and I use the same lettering as the signs. When you market and have the same design and message, your moving ad ties it all together. I'd rather use BIGGER images too.

You are on the right track with your logo and ideas. An Escalade is a classy car and the logo should be simple and classy.

I would work on your website next and carry the logo, the font and the color to the website. I would also incorporate a profressional picture of you.

There is a local real estate broker who I think has done a great job with his marketing. When I hear his name, I can see his yard sign with his logo and color scheme, I can see his face, I can see his car, I can even see his office location.

When someone thinks CKIProperties, help them to easily recall all of the afforementioned. Keep it simple, keep it classy, and keep it all uniform.

thatsmy plan. currently my website, current truck magnet and yard signs all match. Once I finish this new logo it will replace the old one and im ordering shirts. I always have people knock on the door when im rehabbing. A shirt will be so much more for professionalism and advertising.

You're just sticking your toe in the water - WRAP IT!

@Dev Horn , ha ha ha... I was going to do a tailgate wrap on the '06 Dodge. I just don't feel this new vehicle will look right with a wrap.

Nice wrap by the way.

@Aaron Yates Yeah, I was just pulling your leg on that one... =)

Keep it classy - But make a statement too!

I roll with nice professionally designed car magnets on my new car. But I see the value more in identifying my business when I roll up to appointments to look at houses. Car magnets, in general, are not call generators.

But the advantage to a pick-up is the back is seen all the time when you're sitting in traffic. So it may work more like a billboard for you. I saw this guy (Custom Made Signs by Crown) rolling with a bunch of refrigerator magnets on the back and it says "TAKE ONE" ~ very cool idea....

You could have business card magnets made and just keep a few on the back for people to grab. =)

@Dev Horn that definitely would have been something I would do on my Dodge.. That's awesome. Wonder how well that works for them?

Oh, c'mon @Aaron Yates , don't you want people peeling frig magnets off your Escalade?


Wraps Work Great much better than a little window sign

see the one we use

gets the phone to ring and lots of deals

@Jackie Lange very nice

How much does a basic wraps cost ?

( estimated price range )

No commissions :( -> just kidding <-

It doesn't matter whether you use a wrap or a few letters. What matters is that you deliver your message. Ask yourself this: If I see this vehicle within the span of a few seconds, will I know what the message is? If the answer isn't a resounding YES, then you have wasted time and money...

Do not clutter the message with fancy fonts. Readability is key, and with out of home advertising, quick readability is key-er...

Ask yourself this question: Do I want them to call, click, or come by? The answer to that will tell you what part of your message to emphasize...

In advertising, bigger is better, pictures are more impactful than words and, minus pictures, color...

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