What to say on hand written yellow letter

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Hey @Shane Clevenger I just started my first yellow letter campaign, novice advice but the message really depends on who you are targeting. Think about what kind of distress that targeted person may have and write the letter appropriately.

What kind of list are you targeting?

@Shane Clevenger  My advice is to keep it simple and straight. My yellow letter has only about 20 words and broken into 8 lines. I include the owners name and the home address that I am inquiring about and the rest of the message is the same. 

Also, on the envelope, use a real stamp and do not seal the envelope, but rather just tuck the lip into the body. With this letter and envelope, I've gotten a 10% response in my latest campaign. 



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Thank you for responses. 

I'm not using a list, these are homes that I see as i'm driving neighborhoods.

Maybe I didn't think that far ahead, as I was just going to leave on doors.

I guess if there are vacant no one will be there to receive ;)

I will go back to drawing board and learn how to find owners. 

Thank you

@Shane Clevenger  

 I keep my simple, "Hello my name is xxxxx, I'd like to buy your house at XXXXX address.  I'm an investor that can purchase with cash and close quickly.  If you don't have any equity I may still be able to help.  Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Thanks"

I just started an active campaign.  I'm sending to out of state owners of specific houses in my target area (block, over 800 SQ feet but under 2000, central heating / AC, who bought from 2005 and earlier)  I was able to acquire the list from my tax collectors web site and manipulate the data to get the list that I wanted.  I'm also looking into ways of narrowing this down even further to out of state owners who are behind on their property taxes. (about 60 in my list)

I'm paying stay at home moms to hand write, stuff, and stamp the letters and I drop them in the mail.  I did some research on envelopes etc and found a recycled envelop that costs less than most standard, and because its brown I think it gets more attention.  I'm getting an 8% response rate on this which I'm very happy with.

Good luck on your campaign.

@Kevin Dugan  My last few campaigns have been to absentee owners. I first did absentee owners with high equity and did not get that great of a response. My latest campaign was to absentee owners who purchased within the last 3-10 years. I figured this group is ignored as most are going to the high equity owners. I've gotten a high response rate, but no conversions yet. 

I'm still experiencing and plan to go towards probate leads as well. I also plan to experience with different color envelopes as well as a few other subtle things to do to the outside of the envelope that i've been reading about. 

What about yourself? Any success on any campaigns?


George Makakaufaki

One thing we've done before, not so much related to the exact content, is either hand wrote a short letter or had a company do it that printed in such a way that it looked hand written. We've gotten a much better response that way.

@Robert Curls  i love the advice about stay at home moms, hand writing the letters is a pain in the @ss,

@George Makakaufaki  I just started sending out to high equity absentee and havent any success yet.  The 3-10 years group is a nice outside of the box niche, its interesting to try and think of target groups that have high potential that havent been marketed to.  How big of a radius are you targeting around Irvine?  My current plan is to market monthly to a certain group and have the letters/postcards progress like a one sided conversation haha.

@Andrew Syrios  for that style of "handwritten" printed letters, do you have a recommendation on a company that can create those at a high quality?

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