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i'll speak with the seller the first time and they decide they don't want to sell the property at the time.  few weeks past and i call them to follow up. 

after i ask about the property and see if they've changed their mind that's all i wanted to know, but feel like it's kind of rude to have a few seconds conversation.  what else can i ask or talk about?

what in the world do we talk about to keep it from being awkward?


Ok @Mario 

@Mario T.  undefined

If you are intimidated, or nervous, then send them a post card.

Write down 10 reasons why your solution will help them.  Dont show that to them, just put it on the wall w some scotch tape.  Stare at it all day.

Send them a post card, bright stock, black ink. Hand write a message.  Use fear of loss with gaining a benefit.

Do a postcard every week to the seller.

Link your postcard to your website to free report or a free article about selling their home.

Get them to act now or pay a price for waiting.

Good question... I have minimal experience with cold calls.

Kids might be too personal.  Retirement and work might be too personal as well.

The weather, if it is interesting.  Vacation plans?  I know there are some BP pros that have mentioned discount cruise giveaways.  Perhaps you could pre-research vacation packages and give away information on those (website links).

I am not a wholesaler, but have been in outside sales for 7 years. There's nothing wrong with short pleasant conversations. "Hey, just following up to see if I can help you out." Or "Hope you had a good (holiday, weekend, etc) I am seeing if there is still an opportunity to assist you."

Now these aren't closing lines, these are bug in their ear lines, so make sure you are conveying the message you should be for your business. But personally I've found the "always be closing" game to equate to less sales. These people don't expect to you be their friend and it sounds disingenuous to act like one. Be polite and direct and move on to the next call. I get sent all kinds of reports and studies showing that follow ups are the number one reason behind closed sales. In front of price. Additionally in my person experience I've found that to be absolutely true.

Good luck and hit the streets! (Digital or literal)

@Josh C.  

thanks for the awesome advice gentlemen.  i will put these strategies to good use!

As a receiver of these calls.... I hate hate hate superficial filler fluff "How are you" "Did you have a great weekend" etc.   Instant negative response to that crap. Caller instantly loses all credibility at that point. 

I DO appreciate and respect polite, quick and to the point - and minimize my interruption. Short = genuine, respectful.   Just the facts maam. 

@Bob C.  

that what i was thinking too, short and to the point.  thank you sir!

I agree no fluff. 

If they answer:

"Hello Mr/s _____ I was just going through my planner before I retired it and saw that we spoke on the ____________ about your home at _________ which really peaked my interest. I just wanted to make sure nothing had changed before I discarded your contact information. We pay cash and cover closing costs remember?" 

***Make sure you have good voice inflection on your last sentence***

If no answer: 

"Hello Mr/s _____ I was just going through my planner before I retired it and saw that we spoke on the ____________ about your home at _________ which really peaked my interest. I just wanted to make sure you were set on declining a cash payment with no closing costs before discarding your information. If you've decided to cash out give me a call! If I don't hear from you I've gotten the hint. Either way have a blessed/productive/great day!"

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