Google voice?

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Hello everyone,

I am a new wholesaler and I am getting ready to start my first mailing campaign. I have A Google voice number I am using for my business, but I'm not sure I like how it sounds when someone calls.....the "we are connecting you" to be exact. 

I am on a tight startup aSo, my question is, should I port my number to a pay as you go phone or just roll with Google voice ?

@Kevin C.  , I've used google voice for mailings and it was great. No one ever mentioned anything about that. I really liked that I would get the transcripts of Voice mails. So I could be at work and read them as they came in and be prepared to make calls at lunch and on my drive home. 

You can also check out cheap pay versions, I use grasshopper, its about 15 bucks a month and its does some great stuff, multiple exts, call forwarding, VM transscribed,etc.

I kind of prefer the idea of cheap "burn phone" type prepaid mobiles.  You can get a cheap candybar or flip phone for practically nothing used and buy a $9.99 SIM Card and under $20 new with a SIM card.  Then fill it with a $20 pay as you go card.  That will give you about 200 minutes of talk time.

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@Kevin C.  

Hey Kevin, if you log into your gmail account associated with your Google number you should be able record a voicemail message that, I think, will remove that "you are being connected" message. Plus the person calling you won't be able to tell that you're using a Google number. I'm in dental school and am using this for my patients who ask me for my phone number. When I initially tested it out, it seemed to work fine and I don't remember it it saying that message. 

Hey @Kevin C.  I use Google Voice and callers to my number do not hear a message like that.  It just rings like normal and if I don't answer it then it goes to the voicemail I set up. 

hey @Kyle J.  ...thanks for the feedback and @Ali Dawood  , thanks for the tip, I logged on set up the voicemail like you said. That's great as I have a six hundred dollar iPhone and really don't want to haven to carry another phone ????

@Kevin C. Nope, I don't think you do. I use the same phone number for various, unrelated reasons. For example, I use a generic voice mail recording for random people who call, Craigslist, etc. So that would be kind of like the default voice mail recording.

But I also have a Contact Group specifically for my patients who use the exact same number to call me, but they will hear a different voice mail recording that is specific to my patient list. (you can make a different voice mail recording for each Contact Group) The only downside is that I have to manually add these patients and their phone numbers to the specific Contact Group or else they will hear the default voice mail. 

I hope that made sense.. If not let me know and I'll try to answer any questions you may have.

@Kevin C.  , 

I use google voice and loved it. The greeting you mentioned can be configured through its settings. If you do that, make sure you also change your the number of your forwarded phone's rings to more than 30s so that voice message goes to google voice instead of your phone. It takes a couple tries to get it right. 

One nice thing about google voice is that it has SMS/MMS support, believe or not, many seller prefer to contact me via txt msg. 

your iphone. You will likely have to setup through your carrier. here is a link if you use att.

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my concern using google voice is not knowing if it's a lead calling or a personal call (all calls forwarded to my cell).  Is there a way to differentiate?

Do not port your number Select a google voice number close to your area code. When someone calls you know it is business because it is your google voice number. free voice mail ,email messages and your set up your own voice mail messages It amazing plus you can set your phone dial out on either number or ask you what to use all for free 

With the art of necromancy, I bid this thread resurrected! (because I somehow read the last post date as Jan 15, 2016, answered because it's something I knew about and this would be my first post, then re-read the correct date).

@Kevin C. , I haven't ever come across this issue with GV and I've been using it for over 2 years (not with real estate, just in general). My only suspicion about what's happening is that you might have call screening on. You can find it under the calls tab in your settings.

@Lee S. , If your personal calls are received through your carrier number and your leads are the only ones going through the google voice number, then what you can do under the Calls tab in your settings is set the caller ID to display your google voice number. Save this number as "Google Voice" or "Lead Number" in your contacts, and whenever you get a call through that number you'll be able to tell them apart. But again, only if you are using your carrier number for personal calls and google voice number exclusively for leads.

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