Direct Mail/Bandit Sign Campaign

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Hey BP,

I've got my first marketing campaign getting ready to start, and I have some questions  that some of you more seasoned investors could help answer for me.

1. I ordered 500 bandit signs that I'll be putting around town over the next several months.  I've heard of some other investors putting them out late Friday night, and picking up what signs are left Sunday night.  Since I'm on a pretty tight budget to start, this sounded like a good way to save $ if all it cost me was some additional leg work.  Do you see this being worth it?

2. I've budgeted to mail to a list of 500 absentee owners once a month for 5 months  (small time I know).  Is it worth it to spend the extra $ for each card to have to homeowner name and address printed on them?

3. I want to order the cards in bulk to get the best price, but I just want to send 500 of them a month to the same list of homeowners each month.  Is there a company that will store the cards for me, and send them out each month, or am I better off just getting them all delivered to me, and sending them out myself each month?

4. Here's what I drew up for the message on the postcard.  Can I get some feedback on this?  Appreciate the input!

Dear (homeowner name),

I’m interested in purchasing your home at (homeowner address).

Call today, and your property problem could be behind you by next month!

I’ll make you a simple, all $$$CASH $$$ offer, and YOU decide when we close. You don’t even need to be in town to finalize the deal!

Don’t put this postcard down until you call (phone number) for your free consultation!


Hi Jordan:

Check with about creating, mailing, and storing the postcards for you.

Pay the extra to put their names on the card - make it more personal and less "I bought you off a list". It only takes one successful deal to pay for all your marketing.

Remember, marketing is never a cost, it's an investment. Don't worry as much about cost as you do about results.

Offer your free consultation and add, "if you don't need to sell at this time, please save this postcard for future reference" or something like that...

Good luck!

Thanks Karen!

@Account Closed  Sounds like a plan to me Jordan. Be careful with those bandit signs because in some city there are laws against be careful of using them.

Good Luck Bro

Jordan Marshall that all sounds pretty spot on. The only thing I would recommend is to market directly to who you're mailing to. Assuming that most absentee owners are land lords you might want to say something to the effect of "tired of dealing with leaky roofs and bad tenants? If so I can help..." These people are being bombarded with the same generic message and it should give you in advantage if you personalize it with their name and property address plus a message that relates tho their situation.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice guys!  I'll impliment some of those changes.  

Be careful with the Bandit Signs you do not want to get a ticket your first time out. You could create a google phone number forwarded to your phone so you won't have your personal number out there.  Also, regarding the post cards i would suggest to contact a title company marketing department. I get all my post cards and my mailers FREE. They even help design it for you.

@Brian Gunel do you know if that is common for title companies? Do they provide you with a distribution list for your target area as well?  If so, I definitely plan on reaching out to the contacts at the title companies I have used in the past to discuss... Thanks for the heads up. Very interesting.    

@Marc H.  I think what @Brian Gunel  meant to say was "I used to get all my post cards and mailers for free" With current RESPA regulations a title company would be in violation of the law and we know that they would never do that :thrownunderbus:

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