Who's taking my Yard (bandit) signs?

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I live in a smaller city where over the last few months the signs have had a long life, 2-3 weeks.  Typically there aren't many real estate signs around, but recently I've noticed a few other real estate signs out.  In the last few weeks my signs haven't lasted but a few days at best.  Typically I'd say it's the city picking them up, but I see other signs still out.  A few of the intersections that mine diapered there is still signs for New Homes.  My thoughts are the new home builder is taking my signs, or a new investor in the area is taking my signs, or I'm just the unlucky one that the city is grabbing my signs and missing others.  What are your thoughts?  What are your thoughts of how to handle this?  

Put up a couple signs and post up down the street.  Once you find the culprits....

I'm joking, don't do this.  I have to put out the disclaimer because, well, it's 2015.  Best of luck, hope you figure it out.

I'd say either Code Enforcement or a competitor. I suppose it could also just be some random disgruntled citizen that knows they're against city code and they don't like them cluttering up the side of the road.

@Adrian Smude one way to tell is to drop them out after 5 pm on Friday. If they don't last through the weekend it's not code enforcement. Around here the self appointed sign police (bandit signs are illegal in most municipalities here) will damage or remove them.

Could be competition and it could be people not wanting your advertising in their town.

Code enforcement is small towns is typically understaffed.

I agree, with @Bill S. , your signs are being taken by competitors and/or people that don't like those cheap signs around their neighborhood.  If just yours are gone and others remain, it's being done by your competition.

Full disclosure, in my area if I see one of those cheap plastic signs that says "We Buy Houses" on it, it is HISTORY.  =)

Thank you everyone for the responses.  I finally spoke with the only other person that has a lot of signs out and started very recently.  It was a little hard to get a hold of him cause he has an answering service you have to go through.  I can't rule out that he took mine down, but told him I like to work with people so we can both make money and benefit.  Hopefully if it has been him taking them down it will stop.  

@Dev Horn

  I am with Dev  any signs near me would be toast.... we have them in PDX but again competitors realtors neighbors take them down as fast as  they go up.. plus people that use these typically are brain dead they don't answer the phone anyway and waste time and leads.. never did understand those that do these signs and direct mail yet don't answer the calls.. :))

Watch out for the blonde in the BMW! :) 

When I saw the question I couldn't help but smile. I've had a few signs mysteriously disappear in the past. I remember one time in particular where I put out my FSBO, Open House & directional signs en route to a house we'd just bought.

I placed the last FSBO directional sign on the corner of my street. My house was about 12 houses down from the corner so I had a clear view of the sign from the front yard of the house.

As I got out of the car to put my Open House sign in the yard, I noticed someone had pulled up next to the sign I just put up on the corner. 

I watched as the drivers door popped open (the trunk must've popped open at the same time) and without skipping a beat, a little blonde girl jumps out, grabs my sign, tosses it into the trunk of her little BMW and BAMMM, she was gone! 

Of course I could've jumped in my car and chased her down, but then what? 

Why did she do it? Did I mention she had a magnetic Century 21 sign on her car door? 

This past weekend i had my crew put out 50 bandit signs on Friday night and before 12 noon Saturday, i was informed that every sign had been removed! My crew wasn't tossing the signs as i use Simple Crew to track locations. So this weekend cost me dearly and i can't complain to anyone. After i use the remainder of my inventory, i will have to move on to other marketing strategies even if they are more expensive!

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