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As we all know that in this game if you can be successful in the are of marketing, you will have a very good chance at developing at good RE business. Obviously, there are several different areas within your business that also will determine your success, it is commonly agreed upon that marketing plays a key role. 

With all the different marketing techniques available to us today. What is your most successful current marketing strategy & what is your most creative way to bring in leads and build your brand?


Social Media

Yard signs

Daniel Sisto ​​ we use a myriad of marketing strategies. To name a few: Facebook, website, direct mail, bandit signs. We use for direct mail. If you are using direct mail, CONSISTENCY is the key. We have found that being consistent and mailing campaigns to the same list EVERY month has helped us get leads. We also came to the conclusion that some investors only mail to their list once or twice a year (that was us in year 1 too). Yes it's a cost, but we have found the more $$ you put in marketing, the more leads you get. If potential sellers see your name in the mail every month consistently, they are more likely to call you than the "other guys." Our flip profits that we got from our marketing pays for itself. Other than direct mail, we have found building a professional website has helped us and also having a Facebook group that we update regularly. We found that we get more leads by posting actual pictures of ourselves on both the website and facebook on the projects so people see that we are real people with a real business. Lastly, and most importantly, answer that phone call or hire virtual assistant to answer. Since my husband and I have multiple properties we get letters from investors as well. Each time we get them we call the post cards and 9 times out of 10 no one answers! It baffles me, why do people spend money and time on marketing and not have systems in place to answer their phone? Good for us I guess :). I hope that helped.

@James Wise

When you say social media. Are you using facebook,twitter, google plus to educate your community on how your process works or are you trying to pitch/sell your product to your viewers? 

Just interested in seeing how you are using this vehicle bc ppl have several different opinions on how to operate there social media.

Originally posted by @Daniel Sisto :

@James Wise

When you say social media. Are you using facebook,twitter, google plus to educate your community on how your process works or are you trying to pitch/sell your product to your viewers? 

Just interested in seeing how you are using this vehicle bc ppl have several different opinions on how to operate there social media.

 A combination of education, quality content and the pitching/selling of your product. 

I am heavily involved in the following sites.

  • BiggerPockets
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN

@Jamie Bounds - thanks for sharing your experience! As a newbie, this is really helpful.  I'm you keep track of your direct mail marketing campaigns to help determine what's most effective? 

@Jamie Bounds

@Karen Morgan

@James Wise

Jamie & James, Thankyou for the response. Its always a good sign for the marketing aspect of your business if the more money you put into it, the more profit/leads you are receiving from it.

Every where on BP, you consistently see the ways to market in this business (direct mail, bandit signs, social media, website, business cards..... to name a few). I wonder what people are doing out there differently to reach there prospective sellers. In any type of business there needs to be a way to separate yourself from your competition & marketing is a good vehicle to separate yourself in this business. 

Can we get some creative marketing ideas that people are using to gain more leads and create more profits???

@Daniel Sisto well in Houston it's competitive, but not so competitive that we aren't getting leads/deals. There's plenty of deals to go around here. Honestly, I don't feel that we do anything too differently then the other investors in our area besides answer the phone when people call. It really boils down to consistency in direct mail, following up, and actually taking the time to meet the seller in person, contracts in hand. (For us anyway)

@Karen Morgan  Absolutely, we track all of our responses and other data from our campaigns and input into Zoho CRM (a database we use). I highly recommend you do that so you know who to market to and what to market with (post cards, letters, bandit signs, etc) 

Question for everyone on your bandit and yard signs.  Have you done research to see whether they can be read for X seconds by someone driving at Y speed limit?  I've compared notes with a few others recently, and it seems to me that most realtors signs are only useful for branding, because that's all you can read while driving. Even if you have time to read the phone number, I doubt most people remember it, and the websites aren't for the property itself.  

I've (very rarely) seen SMS shortcodes being used.  (eg: "Text 4534 to HOUSE")  But not too often.  

This is a little curious to me, because it seems like a missed opportunity.  There are formulas for sign height out there, but they're not being used.  

It seems like a missed opportunity to increase conversion rates on those signs.

@Jamie Bounds - thanks for the response.  Glad to hear the tracking does make a difference for your business!

@Jeff Deville

Jeff- Im not sure if there is any exact / proven science behind bandit signs. There may be some mathematical formula out there that proves a certain font/ font size/ color/ sign color will allow the client to see better. But i believe that if somebody drives by and see your I Buy Homes sign and they are motivated they will make sure they get your number if they really want to. I believe the location of your signs and how many are placed so they are seen by more people is important. 

If you know an equation or anyone else that allows you to better utilize signs and you have proven stats please let me know.

@Jeff Deville That's why most bandit signs are placed at stop signs and light signals. Someone driving by will probably not be able to catch the number, or even read it, but if they're stopped and its right in front of them they are guaranteed to look at it and have enough time to get the number.

Before you decide on a website, be sure to check out Lead Propeller and Investor Carrot. I haven't tried either yet, but have heard nothing but great things. That's my plan going forward.

@Daniel Sisto, @Cody Alexander  

Hey guys, here's a bit of what I've found so far regarding signage

I was thinking about this problem with regard to for sale/rent signs on specific properties, rather than bandit signs, where the problem is a little easier.  As for the font choice, the links actually suggest readable fonts as well.  I see a lot of signs where the font is squeezed to fit the sign, and the effect is to make the content unreadable. 

This is in order of popularity, across our 50+ markets:
1) AdWords (Google Search)
2) Direct mail
3) Outdoor - billboards & other signage
4) TV commercials

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