Tracking Direct Marketing Campaigns with Podio

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This is a specific question requiring a specific answer from current Podio users. Your mission, should you choose to accept it...please share how you are using Podio to manage your mail campaigns, how you are tracking cost and what mechanism you are using to get your mailings done (ie are you exporting as a spreadsheet to upload to click2mail, have it automatically sent there from Podio, etc.).

I am importing the list to podio.  I then track number of mailings, last mailing date, follow up type etc.  When it is time to send another mailing I export to an excel file and then use mail merge.  We still do our on mailings at this time.

I also have a app tied to my mailings that I use when someone calls.  It is basically my script for the conversation.  I still need to do a lot of refinement to the entire process.

@Cassandra Ramirez

You can do just about anything with Podio but for the more advanced workflows you will need a product called Globiflow. This will allow you to send direct mail through Click2Mail like you are requesting. This will prevent you from having to do things manually.

If you have any other question about Podio just let me know. Good Luck!

Tim Herndon e how do you send click2mail automatically with globiflow?
Cassandra Ramirez I personally use Podio by creating a "campaigns" app. Then I add the details of that one specific campaign to the app (date sent, lists sent to, mailpiece type like postcard or yellow letter, pic of mailpiece to show colors and content). Then, I set Podio (using Globiflow) to automatically generate a report 45 days later to include how many hot leads/contracts/dead leads/remove from list we received in that 45 day period. Takes FOREVER to set up but once you set that part up, it does the work FOR you as long as you continue to work the system and update your leads.
Tim Herndon - thanks. I actually do ur globiflow but I'm still baffled. I'm trying to basically have it where I know what I sent to who and how many times. Now that I am thinking "out loud" perhaps the solution is to put everyone I want into each campaign. Since I know the number of touches I want for each type I can have globiflow do a workflow where for each type auto tasks to mail are assigned. When I complete the task, then maybe I can build another workflow that tags each member of the campaign as sent. Then I will have another workflow that counts the number of "dents" for each record and multiplies it by my cost per piece. This will tell me how many times I sent before they responded and give me my cost per lead. Oh my gosh! I think I got it! Seriously guys thanks so much. I've been banging my head on this for weeks! I'll try it and report back.

Welp.  Found out that you can't do any workflows off of tasks.  *sigh*  I will update you when I find a solutions.

@Cassandra Ramirez - I am having the same dilemna. I currently use Podio to capture specific information for prospects that have responded to my marketing. I also keep track of direct mail campaigns (date sent, letter template, etc). I am stuck on how to connect number/frequency of mailings to specific prospects though, without entering the details of each mailing prospect into Podio before mailing them. I also am trying to make all of my systems compatible with my chromebook (google drive), so exporting to excel isn't an option. 

By the way, I highly recommend reading Scott Costello's material on Podio setup (

Let me know if you've had any breakthroughs! Thanks! 

I love polio. I'm still learning more about because it provides so much.

I'm about to put the finishing touches on a Podio Direct Mail Campaign manager that I've been developing.  It uses Globiflow to automate everything.  Set some values in your Excel Import File (Campaign Name, Template to Use and Start Date) that has your leads in it, upload the list and Globiflow does the rest.

This is my basic setup..


Letters App - Holds the Letter Templates
Mailings App - Setup individual mailing Templates by assigning letter template and seq number
Campaign Templates App - A template will have a list of Mailings and a name (I.E. Probate Mailing Template)
Campaigns App - This is where you link the Template you want to use with the Leads.  Has fields like Start Date, Next Mailing Date, Next Mailing Seq No.
Leads App - You import your leads into this app.  Property Address, Mailing Address, Owner Name, etc...


Campaign Setup Flow - When a campaign gets created through the import of the leads process, it grabs the Template and sets up the Mailing Date and Sequence Number

Print Letters Flow - This flow mail merges the letters with the related leads, creates a PDF of the mailings letters, increments the Next Mailing Date & Seq Number and creates a task for the next mailing.

Automation Flow - This flow runs everyday and checks the Next Mailing Date of my Campaigns.  If the date is equal to the current date, it will run the Print Letters Flow.  

I haven't done this yet, but I plan on linking that last flow up to Lob or Click2Mail and have my letters get automatically mailed with out me doing anything.  Pretty awesome stuff Podio can do!

Hope that outline helps people figure out how to setup there own Direct Mail Manager in Podio.

@Scott Costello - any idea if there are training videos to help with the setup - as you've shown in your post?

@Steve G.  Check out my blog.  I've written a complete tutorial on setting that up in Podio/Globiflow

@Scott Costello - excellent blog & videos, I'm a little disappointed about the Podio/GlobiFlow latest pricing situation. Is this the only way to go Scott, or are there alternatives to GlobiFlow?

I'm being offered monthly GlobiFlow subscriptions for $9 & $27from various places - any idea what the deal is with those?  Are they legit?


@Steve G.

Unfortunately GlobiFlow is really the only way to go for Custom Workflows.  There is a service called FusionMint but from what I hear is no where close to what GF is.  With that said though it might work for you.

My guess is that your offers for GF subscriptions for $9 to $27/mo are from people who have their unlimited plan and are taking advantage of being able to add users to that plan.  I've heard of at least one person using this strategy.  It's an interesting concept, but I'm not quite sure Podio/Globiflow will be to happy if it gets more popular.  Though I'm sure it would drive GF/Podio to start offering lower level subscriptions again.

The risk you run by signing up with one of those subscriptions is that it could get pulled from you at any time and with out warning.  That would be tough to deal with if I where depending on the GF workflows that I was creating in that plan to run my business.  To much risk for me.

If you really want GF I'd come up with the $120/mo to get it.  It's a business expense that you can write off right?

@Scott Costello - Yes absolutely!

Appreciate the feedback, and again - the blog & videos are excellent! 

@Scott Costello - a quick update. 

Unbeknown to me, my daughter signed up for a trial GlobiFlow account prior to Christmas. She recently contacted them and asked if the old $9 per month memberships were still available. 

She had a little bit of two-ing and fro-ing with emails, but now we have GlobiFlow for $9 a month. I think she said we were limited to 25 workflows on this plan, but it has to be worth a try for anyone who had a trial account prior to Podio taking over.

By the way, I lost the link to your video's, can't seem to find them - do you have a direct link for anyone who's already signed up to your site?


@Scott Costello thanks for sharing your process. I have been tinkering with podio with some time now and you hit the nail with this automation process!

Wondering if anyone has any use with marketing automation with Infusionsoft? For the price though, I am definitely sticking with Podio for now.

@Steve G.  Here is the direct link

hopefully i'm alloud to post this link.  If not go to my blog and search for "Podio Direct" and it should come up near the top. There will be 2 posts about the topic, 1 is the "about" that describes the process and my thinking.  The other is the video tutorial.

@Edgar U.  I've never used InfusionSoft before so I'm not sure what you can do with it...sorry

@Scott Costello - many thanks. I'll bookmark it right away!

The GlobiFow workflows are certainly making Podio much easier for us. Much less intervention, and more time to do the income producing work. Can't wait to start with the other plugins you mention in your blog - Zapier etc.


@Scott Costello I'm looking to build a workspace for doing my first DMM efforts. If I'm trying to keep my budget low as I start out (don't want to waste a lot of money blowing leads away from inexperience), do you have recommended resources on integrating other alternative software with Podio? Or can the tutorial you have on your blog about DMM with Podio/GF be adjusted for other programs like Fusion Mint?

Originally posted by @Austin Mudd :

@Scott Costello I'm looking to build a workspace for doing my first DMM efforts. If I'm trying to keep my budget low as I start out (don't want to waste a lot of money blowing leads away from inexperience), do you have recommended resources on integrating other alternative software with Podio? Or can the tutorial you have on your blog about DMM with Podio/GF be adjusted for other programs like Fusion Mint?

One of my blog readers did tell me they got it to work with FusionMint, but I've not looked into how to do that just yet.  Though he did say that it wasn't easy.    

@Scott Costello Got it, another question. For your Podio tutorial that you have on your blog, would you still recommend setting it up the way you did even though I will not be using Globiflow at the moment?

@Austin Mudd You could set it up in Podio the way I have my Apps setup.  Then just manually do everything, but I'm not sure how much manual labor it would require to maintain that on your own.  GF was very important to that setup.

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