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Hello there BP!!! This would be my second post and I have been learning REI for about 7 months now, and I am prepared to launch a decent marketing campaign. With that being said I have recently talked to a Valpak representative. Primarily I was wondering whether anyone on BP has used their services along with your experience with them? They can hit 210k homes for roughly 5k. Over 6 month period I am a newbie therefore any advice, or recommendations of other services along with cost effective strategies would be most helpful! Located in the Los Angeles Area! I would like to focus on:: wholesale, fix n flip or buy n hold through owner financing. Thank you very much BP! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

I know a fellow investor that tried it and did not a get enough calls for him to continue doing it.  He also tried every door direct mail from the Post Office and got a couple leads but nothing panned out.  YMMV

Thank You Guys For the feedback! It's by zones (ea. zone has multiple zip codes). They may target home owners along with avg. income of my choosing. More of a shotgun style marketing I would say. I do plan on doing direct mailers to out of state owners with 60%+ equity on there home as well. In addition to probate/divorce.

Personally I would rather spend 5k on a targeted audience like absentee owners with high equity rather than the shotgun approach. Half of those could go to renters and not reach the actual homeowner that you are looking for

Originally posted by @Mark Nelson :

Personally I would rather spend 5k on a targeted audience like absentee owners with high equity rather than the shotgun approach. Half of those could go to renters and not reach the actual homeowner that you are looking for

 Bingo - Mark is right.  I'm not aware of any of those shotgun methods that work.  There's just no targeting, and marketing is most efficient when you TARGET - e.g. absentee owners with equity.

I would NOT spend $5K on ValPak (or EDDM).

Hey @Jesus Chavez How it going?

I personally have never worked with valpak but I would honestly say if you can continue to stay focused and determined. I would work it without the extra services. You can stretch your investment dollars much farther. 

Probate is my favorite and what I choose to work because of the motivation to sell quickly and high equity factors. Divorce is all about timing and having a great relationship with an attorney. 

I agree with @Dev Horn for the absentee owner method. High equity, out of state, and start at 50-60yrs of age. I have had my best success using that criteria search.

In all, if you have plan and decent marketing system once you've acquired the lead. I believe you will achieve successful results. Hope I was able to help!

Best Wishes!

The reason I work probates in because it's a niche. Niches are specific and easily identified. 

However, they're not always easy to reach. Probates are indicative of a window of time in which there is a transfer of assets. This time window is usually about 6-18 months depending on the state and whether a formal probate. 

I want to be the logical go-to guy when the prospect has the situations and problems that I like solving profitably. This requires much control of the entire lead generation and conversion process that a card insert will not logically reach. The online equivalent are banner ads which hope to reach someone who stumbles into their message.

Reaching a narrow target with a mass market is rarely cost effective. 

@Rick Harmon @Gladstone Rennie

Thank you guys very much for the information greatly appreciate the comments! To give a brief update I have obtained some leads through LS ( i.e High Equity/Age/location). As well as bought a ream of yellow letter paper and will begin to print out a copy of a written template. (Free print job)

In regards to the yellow letters I would begin by mailing about 500 (postage costs only)    

(Three letters / household @ a 2&1/2 week intervals)

Plus having someone personally tape a customized letter on front doors instead of mailing them. (lunch for labor)

In regards to probate! I have visited the Norwalk Court House to obtain some probate leads however it was puzzling as to how to pull effective leads! I will have to become more skilled at using their online computers to maximize the benefit of the free information! Thank you Guys !

I don't want to be a downer, but do want to be realistic. If you are mailing in southern California, especially to the lists mentioned thus far (probate, out of state non owner occupied etc) know that you will be one of 40 or 50 letters they receive in a month. My dad has a high equity non owner occ property in Riverside County and gets 1 or 2 letters A DAY. Even probate is ridiculously over saturated.  I'm just letting you know so you can be realistic about your budget and your result. 

I hope this is on-topic still... I am an in-state absentee owner in SO Cal... I own properties in Ontario and Riverside that have around 30-40% equity and I do not receive yellow letters or postcards. Well I did get one from Homevestors recently, but only one. Don't bother sending me anything because I am not selling... but I think it's weird. 

How are bandit signs different from Valpak? Both trying to target wide population. Valpak claims 90% open envelope rate..., and an option to save a slip of paper vs trying to memorize the phone number during a short traffic stop. 

Any comments?

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