Is there are market out there for flyer design? If I wanted to get started in the realm real estate, would it be realistic to think that I could expect to find agents or investors who would be willing to pay for professional flyer design? If so, what would be a reasonable expectation of cost to charge per flyer?

If you pay for design services, how much are you paying per hour or per flyer?

Does professional flyer design help the property sell faster or for more money? Or does it not really make a difference?

I started down this path of thinking when walking in a luxury area near to be where all the houses are easily over a million and the flyers I've seen are really lame. My line of thinking is if a house costs close to $2,000,000, then then promotional materials ought at least reflect the value of the property.

Take for example the flyer below

I took the same photos and information brightened them up a bit (they're still bad photos, can't do anything about that at this point), rearranged them, and produced the flyer below.

Do you think I could get people to pay for my design services? Or would I be wasting my time pursuing this?

I went around yesterday and collected about 12 real estate flyers on about 5 streets. Should I redesign these flyers and pitch them to the agents, or would that, too, be a waste of my time?

Any thoughts or advise is much appreciated!