Yellow letter critique for Absentee Owners?

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Good morning everyone,

I'm wondering what your thoughts are on my yellow letter?  I'll be printing them out and everything from home.  If it's horrible please feel free to let me know... I have very think skin and can take constructive criticism.

Thanks a lot!

Have a great Sunday.

I'm not a big DM guy, but to me it kind of just looks like everyone else's. My postcards  mention a couple more pain points and have a website as a 2nd way to contact you and get information.  Please keep us posted on how much time it took to DIY it and your response rate @Benjamin Blackburn

@Benjamin Blackburn   if your in a market that is well sought after remember your target is going to get many of these same color same red print etc.. does not even take the dullest bulb to realize these are all canned.

I often wonder if you did something like

Very professional.... and you explain to them that they will probably get a bunch of letters like this... Have a copy of one of those... and then set out to tell them why your different.

sell off of the other letters.. not just joining the pack.

now if your in an area with a lot of low value assets and boarded homes probably does not matter  depends on your target I guess..   IE what class of property your after.

Also when I am targeting in fill how I set myself apart is to have a soft pre qual with my letter so they know I am not fooling around.. and I state in my letter if you get other inquires if they cannot prove in 24 hours that they have the cash in the bank  why would you want to work with them.. they are just trying to tie up your property and flip it..  That's what I do.

I use the no money wholesale guys as targets, and explain to the seller why they should use me and not waste their time with someone who is just trying to flip there home.

@Steve Vaughan Gotcha! Thanks a lot.  It took about 30 minutes to complete.  Added a few text boxes & drew a few things in "paint" and inserted them. I will definitely keep you all posted.

Good Morning @Jay Hinrichs

Thank you very much for your detailed response and insight.  I feel like that is GOLDEN!!!

I'm in Houston, Texas and it seems to be a lot of competition down here.  You really make some good points... especially in regards to going a very professional route, explaining that they're probably getting a lot of these YL's and telling them why I'm different.

For now on when marketing I will make sure I am not just "joining the pack" but separating myself from the pack.  Thanks again! 

p.s. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what would a soft pre qual sound like? 

@Benjamin Blackburn   copy of bank statement showing you have money.... is what I like.  and just enough in the account for about what you want to pay for it... but again I have very specific targets I go after may not be germane in trying to buy rental houses

@Benjamin Blackburn Big oops! I scanned through your question too fast. Didn't realize this was your note. I thought it was someone trying to solicit you into paying money to learn how to F&F or B&H. There's so many of these "Promise you the moon" types out there it tends to ware me a little thin. Sorry.

@Benjamin Blackburn I agree with @Jay Hinrichs .  If you're in a highly competitive area, you want your mailers to stand out.  Most investors don't invest time and money in understanding how to market to their prospect and use the same idea that everyone else is sending.  Take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of your prospect.  If you get 10 similar letters, why would you call one person over them next?  Find a way to set yourself apart from your competition so your prospect opens your mail first AND so they remember you if they want to sell in the future.

@Justin Silverio Great point sir.  I will definitely work on separating myself from the competition, it makes so much sense to take the time out and put myself in the prospects shoes.


Have a great day!

@Benjamin Blackburn Yellow letter are very powerful if you can say the right things to get people to respond. But guess what..people actually don't want to sell their properties. The key is what @Steve Vaughan   say is to have a website to fall on. 

Create educational content on that website on all parts of real estate that you think will help people like that. If it's in distress give info on hope to bring the house back up the value. Going to forclosure provide another alternative. 

If all fails on their end guess who they gonna call. The goal is to educate and people will respond. 

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