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If you had $600. What kind of marketing would you use it on to get Seller leads.  Am torn between direct mail or websites generating leads ie lead propeller or Investor Carrot. Am also a R.Estate Agent. Any ideas are welcome. Thks

@Samson Kimani Do you currently have a home buyer website, if so, are there any visitors? 

RE buyer or agent sites? There are tens of thousands. Simply having a website is no guarantee of enough traffic to really help your visibility. You can buy placement but am not sure what that costs. If you get viewers but they don't come back regularly your site will be lost among the tens of thousands of sites. Key words can help. A blog could help. The key to ranking high is to have lots of viewers that come back regularly. Pretty tough to do especially for someone just starting a site. 

I dont have personal home buyer site. Currently using the company brand. 

Hello @Samson Kimani , you definitely need to have your own website, it will work like a platform for your future marketing campaigns, you can start from something not very complicated. Message me for more details.

@Samson Kimani In my honest opinion, I think $600 is too little for direct mail or online lead generation.  Both approaches take time to provide results so you should really have a 6 month budget on hand.  

I would focus your efforts on networking with other investors, re agents and the like.  Buy some business cards and hand them out to everyone.  Door knock or cold call as well.  These marketing approaches take less money but more time.  Once you have more money, you can start implementing additional aspect like direct mail and online lead generation.  

I hope that helps.

@Samson Kimani I agree with @Justin Silverio but... IF that is all you have then I would suggest driving for dollars and creating a very targeted list to mail to.  Get as many leads as you can, utilize your skills to find the owners names and addresses (if they don't already live there), write your own letters and mail them.  

I believe that a good direct mail budget would be $1000/month to start.  But if this is not possible, there are free leads sources as stated above.  Good luck!!

i definitely do Driving for Dollars. which company would you recommend to find Owners for Vacant homes? I usually talk to neighbors, use facebook, assesors website and yellow pages. most of the time am lead to intellius or other websites for fee. I don't mind paying the fee, just interested to know who you use.

@Samson Kimani great question man! 

Since we work w/ tons of investors and we see all kinds of budgets and experience levels here's what we're seeing work. 

Time & Money Budget:

First figure out both your time and money budget. As you know it's going to be about impossible to get leads and close deals without investing time, or money... or likely both. 

If you have more time than money... then you'll definitely need to buckle down and carve out a solid block of time each day / week to do the more manual things. Prospecting on Craigslist (both posting ads and reaching out to sellers in a very strategic and process driven way, we can walk you through what others are seeing success at). Prob carve out 30-60 mins per day on the Craigslist side the first few weeks then you can streamline it down from there to prob less than 30 mins per day. SEO (if you learn it and implement it yourself) is very low cost... not fast... but amazing ROI over the long-term. We've seen it time and time again... over 60% of the 20k+ leads that came in last month for our clients was from SEO that they did themselves w/ our training and our platform.

If you have more money than time... then ya paid methods like direct mail, PPC, etc. etc. 

Bandit signs are still very effective in many places. One of our clients is buying 10-12 houses a month... mostly driven in rural areas in Oregon via bandit signs. Still works when done right. 

PPC can still work a the $600/mo budget if you do the PPC management of the campaign yourself. I see you're in Massachusetts... that budget actually may be enough to get by at the start if it's not for the bigger cities in MA.  But you've got to drive them to a site that converts visitors to leads at a high rate or it won't work too well. 

Getting Real With Our Budgets:

I think most people just randomly pick a budget number out of thin air and say "I have $X to market". Most people have no good reason for picking that number other than them feeling that's a good number they'd be willing to "risk"... vs. coming to that number based on data and math that is most likely to lead to your success. 

If $600 is really the only budget you have... then that's what you have to work with. I'd find ways to trim expenses in your life / business (cable bill, stop eating out for a bit, sacrifice a bit) and get that budget up to $1k/mo+ if possible. 

Just make sure whatever you do that you don't just budget 1 months worth of marketing and blow through that and then not have anything in month 2. 

Reach out anytime man and we'll help walk you through it man. I know I probably didn't give you specific "hey do this marketing method" guidance... but I think really nailing the marketing budget that will best lead to your success is the most important step first. 

Reach out if we can help you man! 

@Trevor Mauch


PPC can still work a the $600/mo budget if you do the PPC management of the campaign yourself. I see you're in Massachusetts... that budget actually may be enough to get by at the start if it's not for the bigger cities in MA. But you've got to drive them to a site that converts visitors to leads at a high rate or it won't work too well.


What is PPC?

Do you recommend any good books for SEO training? I think I'm going to sign up for your SEO training in a few weeks.

I would make some bandit signs

@Benjamin Barredo wow I just saw your reply on here. Big apologies! 

PPC is "pay per click" marketing. 

The ads at the top and bottom of Google search listings... or bing... or even the ads in Facebook. 

We're seeing a pretty darn predictable and consistent ROI w/ PPC in most markets (not all... markets like Miami are really hard... and the more competitive the market the more money you need to have in your ppc budget to succeed).

But ya, reach out anytime and I can guide you down the right path on how to manage your own ads, etc. We have some blog posts on our site that walk through it. 

On the SEO side of things... I don't have any books on SEO I recommend... but lots of blog posts and that SEO training of ours that you mentioned. We're going through the next 60 days and updating our SEO training course in a big way... so keep an eye out for a ton of updates there. 

Have a great week! 

Over 75% of industry advertising is on social media - specifically Facebook and google. A $600 can easily get you TARGETED advertising to people selling ... You may need to bump the budget up more, but you can set up the ads to get you email leads. Form there your sales process would have to get to closed.

I would recommend Investor Carrot websites. I switched to them from a competitor. I never got a single on line lead from the competitor. I have gotten many leads from my Investor Carrot website.

I implemented their Craig's List marketing ideas and have driven people to my website and gotten leads for free.

I also set up a ppc campaign with AdWords. I'm only spending $10 a day and I'm getting leads from that as well.

I have been so pleased that I am starting to implement some of their ideas on my financial planning website as well.

Adrian at Investor Carrot is awesome. He has really helped. Feel free to Pm me if you have questions. My site is listed in my signature if you want to check it out.

The great thing about PPC is that you can get people to your website even if it is newer (a new website is hard to get visitors with SEO because Google gives preference to sites that are older and have more links pointing to them). It is also easy to measure your ROI using Adwords if you get everything set up correctly. SEO is better for a long term strategy.

Facebook ads are great as well because you can reach a really specific audience using their audience targeting features. 

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