This is a curiosity question for the landlords out there, but anyone can feel free to share their thoughts. If you are an investor who does not use a property management company, or uses a property management company who only handles units when they are occupied, do you think there is a market for a service that provides strictly the physical showing of your vacant property?

I know there are services like and other similar sites that will do all the prospecting, marketing, pre-screening and scheduling of showings for properties, but a lot of them rely on the landlord still showing the property, or a self-show where the perspective renter simply views the property by themselves. It seems like self-shows are becoming more of a norm now, but I personally would not feel comfortable having one of my properties as a self-show.

Are there many investors out there who don't mind fielding calls and scheduling showings, but don't want to actually physically go to the property to show it? Do you think it would be a valuable asset to have an experienced person who is used to dealing with showings, and understands the psychology of how to create that positive face to face contact?

I appreciate everyone's comments and feedback!