So I did a demo of Rebogateway just recently and they have an awesome setup! What I liked about them is they get data from the county, its always up to date and they have a bunch of lists that others don't have, like code violations, divorce, death certificates, tax defaults, for lease by owner, bankruptcy. All that can all be cross-referenced with their high equity list or absentee owner list for super targeted lists! So you aren't wasting a bunch of money on mailers. They get that data just like everyone else from core logic. I feel like this sounds like an advertisement haha. So the reason I'm writing this is to see if anyone wants to go in with me on a year membership. Its $1,500 for the year and it includes 30,000 names. We would split that so we would each have 15,000 names for $750 each. Or If 3 people wanted to go in on it we would each pay $500 and have 10,000 names. And that's nationwide too. You aren't restricted to one or two countys. If you are interested in splitting this with me reply to this post or give me a call, my phone number is in my info. I forgot to mention If you are new to real estate the membership includes a ton of training to teach you how to pull lists and which lists they have seen to be most effective and stuff.