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Hey everyone! I'm jumping into marketing full force- I'll be primarily cold calling for the moment, as its less saturated and more direct. (I think I'll have better success with this than with direct mail, at least just starting out)

I'm wondering, what bulk skip tracing services do you all use? I'm looking at Accurint by LexisNexis (I've been told you can get accurate numbers for .25 cents each in bulk), but I'm having trouble getting approved for an account there. Suggestions or ideas?

@Canaan Evans

Best price I know of that is for sure hits only is $1.50 per successful trace (less if you do more quantity). If you're interested in that, you should talk to @Cornelius Garland , he'll help you out.

@Canaan Evans How large is your list? I know of a source for $1 a search if you need super accurate data. If you can tolerate a 20-30% margin of error I've got a source that is $0.20 a match. We've made six figures on that data in 2017. 

@Ray Lai Thank you! That may be too pricey for me, but I'll reach out to him regardless.

@Ryan Dossey Currently I'm doing 200-300/month (different lists like probate, preforeclosure, etc), but every once in awhile I need 3000-4000 traces for the bigger lists that drop around here. I can definitely tolerate a 20-30% margin of error if it meant a great price. Message me your source if possible!

Thank you both, anyone else have any input?

Ryan, can you share your source for $0.20? PM if possible. Thanks!

I would recommend @Tony Battle . He charges $1.00 for quality leads and fast turn around and he doesn't charge for people he can't find. Best person I've dealt with hands down. I've been using him for a few months now

Thanks for the mention @Ray Lai ! And @Canaan Evans , I have different pricing tiers for larger lists. But, honestly, I wouldn't get too hanged up on price because a lower price typically correlates to poorer quality. I can list all of the tools that you can try out that aren't necessarily great quality. Data Finder, TLO, Lexis Nexus, Find the Seller, Spokeo, TLO, and the list goes on and on. All of them are resellers that get data from watered-down sources. Even some people that past as vendors on here are getting their data from these sources, which is crazy. So like that TLO data feed is what a lot of people use. Pretty good hit rate, but the accuracy of the numbers is questionable.

If you need some help locating any of your leads after you've exhausted other means, please don't hesitate to reach out! I've had people close $12-15k+ deals off of data I've provided. I can shoot you references, if needed.

Hopefully the BP mods (gods) will be nice and won't delete my post. I was brought into this conversation :)

@Ryan Dossey

Hi Ryan, would you mind sending me that $0.20 source as well please? Thank you

@Shawn Crawley thanks for the mention!

I'd have to agree and disagree with @Cornelius Garland .  As a disclaimer I have never used TLO but they are a product of Trans Union which I'm not a fan of.  They rank 3 of 3 as far as credit bureaus go in the US and I only use the best products available.  Lexis Nexis on the other hand aggregates data from all 3 credit bureaus plus hundreds if not thousands of other sources.  They do have a number of different products with varying degrees of access depending on your business and permissible purpose.  If you are not getting decent results using Lexis you may either be using the wrong product or your access level is not sufficient.  Law firms, collection agencies, state governments, and law enforcement all use Lexis Nexis on a daily basis they can't all be wrong.  Cornelius is right, you pay for what you get but there is no need to over pay either.

Hi @Ryan Dossey , would you mind sending me that $0.20 source as well please? Thank you

Sorry to post again, it seems the mention didn't work from my iPhone.

@Tony Battle I think most investors prefer TLO and Lexis Nexis because those are the only ones they typically qualify for. I haven't used Lexis Nexis before and I didn't know there were different tiers. I only thought there was one level, similar to TLO. I appreciate that tidbit of information; I'm always learning on BP.

I definitely agree with you regarding the data of Trans Union. I started off with them back in the day, but canceled my account once I realized we were getting shoddy results and poor hit rates. We received a lot of wrong numbers and spent hours of dialing just to get one correct connection with a seller. People that compare inferior skip tracing tools (e.g., Spokeo or White Pages) to other skip tracing tools or services on the market is a shame, though. That's like comparing Food Lion to Whole Foods; it's like apples and oranges.haha. At 20 cents per hit, I can only imagine how many disconnected and inccorrect numbers you'll get. 

Hi @Ryan Dossey , can you please provide me with the contact information to your $.20 source? Thanks, Brian 

Originally posted by @Larissa Luna :

Hi @Ryan Dossey , would you mind sending me that $0.20 source as well please? Thank you

Sorry to post again, it seems the mention didn't work from my iPhone.

 Hi can you please DM me .20 source please?

@Ryan Dossey I just send you a connect request and info on the .20cents leads. I am also interested in hearing more about the $1 method as well. Thanks so much!!

@Cornelius Garland I am also sending you a connect request. I am seriously working on leads sources now. Particularly phone numbers. 

@Ryan Dossey, Can I be added to that list to get the source for the $0.20? PM if possible. Thanks in advance.

@Ryan Dossey

can you please let me know about the source for $.20 per match as well. Thanks!

I am also interested in the $.20 per match as well. If you could send me a link that would be great! Thanks 

Hi @Ryan Dossey can you please DM me your $0.20 source please. I am very interested. 

Howdy guys. I've gotten more PM's than you can imagine on our source for this. As most of you know who/what's working changes rapidly. The group we were using had a significant drop in quality so we don't use them anymore. 

My new go to is: Needtoskip.com they have top tier data/quality and the cheapest pricing I've seen. I believe they charge $0.35 a search. 

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