Wholesale Marketing - Wholesalers Add What Your Doing!

Add to this list of different wholesale marketing techniques that aren't already on this list. If you are a  wholesaler I would ask for you to chime in on what you are currently doing that isn't already on this list that is getting you leads and closing deals.

Wholesale Marketing:

Direct Mail

Bandit Signs

Bird Dogs

Driving for dollars

Online SEO

Online Adwords

Facebook Ads

Calling FSBO on FSBO type sites (Zillow, CL, Backpage, FSBO.com, Forsalebyowner.com etc)

Calling For rent ads


Real Estate Agent connections - "pocket listing"

Co-Wholesaling with other wholesalers

News Paper Ads

Attorney Networking (Eviction, probate, divorce)

Referrals from friends, family or strangers that know someone needing to sell

Passing out flyers

Business Cards

Vehicle we buy houses signs


Radio ads

TV ads

Tax auctions

Email marketing

Skip Tracing

Property managers

Estate sales

Door knocking