Hello, everyone. 

I wholesaled my last property in 2008. I'm coming back to real estate and I am shocked at how much technology has changed the business. I did direct mail, bandit signs, newspaper ads, etc. I even ran a local tv ad that was created by a short-lived internet startup! But now there are Virtual Assistants, Fiverr, phone systems that leave pitches straight to voice mail, e-signatures (e-signatures!), Listsource, Investorfuse, etc. It's overwhelming. 

I see the possibilities, but I need a system. 

Can someone recommend a couple of courses that focus on marketing prospects and processing leads that focuses on automation and scalability, that costs less than $1,000? I believe that when the market downturn hit in 2008, I downturned with it because I did not have systems in place that functioned without me and so never really developed a reliable revenue stream.

Any ideas?