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I am about to start a direct mail campaign and have been reviewing several examples to determine my wording. Most keep it simple and mention being a cash buyer. This implies being able to close quickly and save the seller money on closing costs, at a certain price point. Since this wording assumes (but doesn’t guarantee) that the distressed seller will connect the dots on their savings, would it be helpful to be more specific and spell out in the letter that they’d save thousands of dollars in closing costs by avoiding loan financing charges and 6% realtor fees? Thank you in advance for your feedback. Brian

Good morning, in my campaigns and from my research, keep it simple with keywords and get them to call you for MORE. 

Don't be too specific, leave that for when they call and you can explain the way YOUR process works or how you can assist them once you feel THEIR NEEDS. 

Are you sending letters or postcards? The reason I ask,  postcards can be designed to include key words: Save Thousands on Closing, Sell Your Headache, Tired of Landlording, No Fees-No Commissions, and so on... and still allow you to leave a message on the other side regarding your interest, closing quick and contact info. 

As for a letter, if you're just starting, stay basic and keep them wanting to call you to find out more. Hit the key points; Hi, my name is... my partner and I are interested in your property at... We can Close Quick [in Cash]...

You can always include, "We are Investors or Cash-Buyers/looking to make another purchase and/or investment/SAVE on Commission Fees... 

Yellow letters can be great! I recommend 4x6/5x7 (invite) envelopes, and creative stamps to appeal to the seller and separate yourself from the rest. You want them to OPEN your letter and that's where it starts, you're in!

**Positive energy, the use of solid keywords and get to your point, and contact info. This is a brief message but don't over think it and stuff your letter with TOO MUCH. Hope it helps a bit.

Take care and wishing you SUCCESS!

Hello Brian,

I would directly mention to your target audience that you can save them thousands of dollars on closing costs. I agree with @Jason M Pagan about wanting them to call you for more information.  However, most people in a bind want a fast way out with saving as much money as possible. I would mention that you are willing to pay closing costs and not assume they will connect the dots. You never know who will read it. Some people are better at connecting the dots than others.

Thank you for that thoughtful response, @Jason M Pagan . I’m preparing to establish an interval of mailings using both post cards and letters, so that feedback was very helpful. Thank you!

Thank you for your direction, Kristen. I believe I can draw from your response and Jason’s to craft a direct mail piece that’ll get a seller’s attention and communicate the desired message while reserving some content for the phone call. Thank you!

@Brian Utley I agree with all the points already presented! I recently spent some time with my mentor stuffing marketing letters into envelopes and the way he does it is very clever. The letter itself appeals to the demographics of the area you’re investing in. I’m located in Houston, Texas, where 30% of the population speaks Spanish as a first or second language. He had a concise message in English with most of the strategies presented in this thread and the same message in Spanish! It was a small detail but one that I think will be very effective in our city. If you live in a diverse city, it might help to incorporate this strategy.

My mentor also strongly emphasized the need to have your letter opened as has already been mentioned. The cover of the envelope was devoid of any propaganda. That way, there is nothing the receiver of the letter can use to associate your letter with propaganda or trash. The more mysterious your letter seems (using different color paper, somehow making the letter stand out without giving away any info until opened), the more likely your letters will be read.

Hope this works!

@Jorge Quintero very helpful perspective on things that can distinguish our mail pieces. Thank you very much!

It depends greatly. Different lists need different letters and the more specific you are the less the call response is. I personally like less call response and more conversion but that's me. 

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