We constantly run into clients asking about MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Service). There seems to be a lot of confusion and also some great resources for homeowners through this service.

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What inspired the mortgage banking industry to create MERS in the first place? This article is about the legislative history that lead to the creation of MERS and why. The links include super credible sources law publications and statutes. 

If MERS is so useful and such a widespread practice in the mortgage industry, why are there so many publications demonizing MERS and casting the entity as a key player in the 2007-2009 financial crises? This article explains why even though MERS is demonized, there are two ways to approach it and believe me it took a lot more reading mixed up with a shin-ton of thought lounging in silence on the couch.It's true that I do my best thinking about complex dry **** when I'm focused, not stressed, in silence and in the mood for it. Sorry. The links include law review articles and industry articles like Forbes, economic and real estate publications.

What do we know about the future of the real estate and mortgage industries in America? This article talks about what we know now as far as "what's trending" with legislation, eloans, etc. The links for this are mostly Obama's legislation, what Trump is in the processing of changing and links with articles of professionals predicting the potential what-if's.

HELP! I paid off my mortgage but never received a release and nobody seems to know anything. This article covers all the options/possibilities including release tracking companies like reQuire. The links will be the release tracking companies.