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I want to hire someone to do my SEO for me, if anybody can guide me to the right path. Such as what questions should I ask them? How do I differentiate the good SEO companies from the not so good SEO companies? What is the average I should be spending per month? 

Thank you.

I don't have a specific guy to point you to...but I would always say that when it comes to web development of any kind, try to find a single developer over an agency. Freelancers tend to have more pride in their work as each project they do usually get's put in their portfolio, versus an agency where you can be just another contract to close.

Do make sure that the Dev specialized on some level with SEO, but my suggestion is to head the freelancer route.

YES. Finally. Someone that does it right. SEO is THE BEST way to do marketing and get leads. My site has been 1st on google for a year now and I get leads out of my armpits!! Super motivated seller leads, about 6 a day.

I have no idea what to do with all these leads.

Here is the thing though... no SEO company would ever be able to outdo me.  And no I am not bragging, I am actually making a point.

All SEO companies do the SAME thing.  Questionable backlinks, and your standard on page SEO.

Now me.. the obsessed freak, I devise

my own SEO techniques all white hat and spend about 15 hours a day working on my SEO. What SEO company would do this? None. They have 4 5 20 clients? They can't possibly do all that personal SEO goodness to your ie

So my point? Learn how to do it and do it yourself!

I really don't know much about SEO but do know that time I spend on working on SEO is time spent away from making deals. I have seen numerous companies (investors themselves??) that espouse to provide a lead generating package that provides the support or takes me through "uping" my ranking. Are these worth while? Currently I send out mailers and starting Driving for Dollars. A website could be a 24/7 lead machine.  

@Tyler Cody - I specialize in SEO and run a small boutique style company - although we are on the verge of shifting towards a more holistic approach (email, facebook, remarketing, etc.) Here's some unbiased advice (I'm not pitching you.)  

I've been doing this for a couple years now and and I strongly suggest finding yourself a local free lancer that you can roll up on and keep accountable - in person. Keep on top of reports, don't just gloss over them. Ask them to explain the report - so you know what numbers to watch. Also research the different metrics (I'll gladly give you a quick run down on this if you'd like.) This would be like monitoring AVR, cashflow, etc.) It is important. These numbers will never go skyrocketing up and up like most people want, but there should be a steady increase. 

One heads up with reporting is some agencies will change their keywords each month (swap out bad performing ones for good performing ones) or include a ton of useless keywords that anybody could rank for. Be wary of this - and call them out on it if it happens. 

Find someone you can develop a long-term plan and relationship with, and someone that is going to be flat out honest with you from the start (even if it isn't what you want to hear.)

Also note, some websites aren't worth doing SEO on. Don't do SEO on a cheap or poorly built website, imo. 

You will not get overnight results with SEO - and it won't be cheap, but it will pay off and then some if done correctly.

If it is cheap, you're taking a risk by hiring someone that is green and willing to work for the experience, or you're going down a path you don't want to take by hiring a flat out cheap SEO - which I've seen turn into messy situations. Bad SEO doesn't just not get you results, it may lead to a penalty and that means more $$ needed (and worse - time) to get you out of the hole they put you in, before you can move forward.

Some of my longest standing clients came from that exact situation - innocently hiring a "good deal" that spammed their email, but then drove their rankings into the ground. 

If you can find someone that knows what they're doing, you may be able to get them to "prove" themselves by working at a lower rate - but then bumping to a higher rate once certain milestones are achieved. You'd need to negotiate this, but it is a good way to keep the SEO motivated to drive results, and hedges your risk at the same time. 

If you can find a person to give you a referral of who they use, that is best. Most SEO agencies won't give out their client's websites (with good reason) but if you know the person, then you can do some due dilligence and look them up in Google and see what they rank for. 

When hiring an SEO - ask them if they use white hat, grey hat or black hat techniques. I suggest remaining open to white and grey hat, but run from black hat UNLESS it is for a very specific reason. Black hat can be handy if you need to rank for a search term for a couple months and don't care if you lose the ranking (and the domain possibly - don't use your main domain for this ever imo) once Google catches the black hat tactics.

Grey hat and white hat SEO are fairly common. The majority of SEO people will use mostly white hat - but then use something called "private blog networks" to obtain powerful links predictably, at quantity and without charging an arm and a leg for. White hat will generally obtain links from pre-existing websites, such as guest blog posting. This is kind of technical, but worth having a basic understanding of. 

The larger the agency, the less the person cares. Big agencies often hire sales people as their account managers, and their pay is directly linked to the amount of $$'s their accounts bring in each month. The problem with SEO, is that because results take time, it can be easy to talk through the 1st 3 months w/o doing much. Finding someone you trust is very important here. 

I also strongly advise learning a bit about SEO so you can talk their lingo at some level. 

Good luck!! And also the advice dropped in this thread is great. You'd be best to learn it yourself... nobody cares as much about your money as you do! And that's what Google rank is - a marketing channel that brings in $$.

Originally posted by @Doug Haisten :

I really don't know much about SEO but do know that time I spend on working on SEO is time spent away from making deals. I have seen numerous companies (investors themselves??) that espouse to provide a lead generating package that provides the support or takes me through "uping" my ranking. Are these worth while? Currently I send out mailers and starting Driving for Dollars. A website could be a 24/7 lead machine.  

 There is a difference between SEO and companies that do SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The other one is a person, doing Search engine optimization. See the difference?

"time I spend on working on SEO is time spent away from making deals". Yeah I really don't think you know much about SEO if you say that. That absolutely makes ZERO sense. (No offense). It's like saying time spend on breathing is time spend away from living.

How do you "make deals"? I do not think they fall in your lap as you brush your teeth. You devote SOME time marketing. Talking to someone.. looking for a deal. Well SEO is just that. Looking for deals.. but then better. Deals look for YOU.


This pictures shows how people ask me to please come and buy their house. It is on automatic, while I eat, sleep, poop, bump uglies with a hotty... I get leads!

SEO IS "making deals".

You make deals BECAUSE you do (correct) SEO. Working on SEO IS making a deal. Sorry to say this but if you do not do SEO you will sooner or later get choked out of business. Everything is online now. If anyone wants to sell their house, not many people's first choice is a news paper ad, smoke signals, radio... they go online. Anything online IS SEO.

Its like a magic black box. You do certain things to a black box, and the black box spits out leads that turn into deals.

It just amazes me how not many investors know nothing about SEO, or websites. I look at the websites of many people here on BP and I am bewildered how they think that site could ever perform. It is crazy!! We live in the digital age. Online is EVERYTHING. If you have a website for more than 4 months, and you have no traffic, or conversions, and you are not yet on the first page of google... what are you doing??!!

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