Hey guys and gals!

Just started listening to the podcast about two weeks ago and am loving it! I am a local investor here in DFW, TX and can't wait to meet everyone! I'm 28 (Turning 29 tomorrow) started actively  investing about 8 months ago and just closed my 5th deal today! I have closed a deal per marketing campaign I've done so far but my close ratio is a little embarrassing. Just did an 11k pcs mailing and closed 1 deal (after 2 fell through being beat by other investors). I am looking to take this profit and do another mailing strategy but would love some impute. I'm sure there are a lot of other people investing here in DFW so I'm looking to see what strategies work best for everyone. I am thinking of doing a direct mailing campaign of owner occupied with deed dates over 10-15 years. Any suggestions? I am still driving for dollars just mailing those out but only one deal has come out. I am mailing consistently on those because I know they will pan out.... or they will finally call and tell me to go pound sand. Either way I'll get a phone call! lol Thanks in advance everyone!