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Hello all:

I am ramping up my marketing and need some pointers.

I am already doing a yellow letter mailer and I am driving for dollars. I am also in the process of having lead generating websites made (sellers and buyers). With these I have separate email addresses with the same domain (my [email protected] Neither of these has my company name in the addresses but it in in the websites themselves. I have set up a Google Voice #. I have had temporary business cards made. I have one cell phone and a home number.

To start I am targeting SFH morphing into buy and hold in 12 months. I see myself having flyers, postie notes, door hangers. I don’t know yet about bandit signs. I am full time into RE now (got laid off).

So I have these pieces but a cohesive picture these do not make and I need some pointers.

On the yellow postcards I have my name and cell phone#, no website or email. I want to remove my cell number and add the google voice #.

On the flyers/door hangers I thought of doing the same thing but adding the website. I also thought of a postie note that I stamp with a brief message and ask them to call me (google voice).

My website is actually two separate sites, one for buyers and one for sellers. It has my email of course. Do I put the google voice in the website or my cell? I understand the value of answering the calls, and I will when I can, but when I am driving for dollars or just down the road I hate to stop and take calls.

On my business cards do you have one set for buyer and one for sellers? This would have my business name and my email address but if I put websites a seller could go to the buyers’ site and that might be awkward. What about cell phone/home phone (I live alone) or the google voice.

I should have done this a couple years ago but work kept me in false sense of satisfaction and security. Now I am eager to go. This is one of those “Cortes burns the ships” places in time. Anyway, any pointers/suggestions would be appreciated.


Hey @Doug Haisten great name ;)

You might be overthinking things a bit. Just give buyers and sellers lots of ways to contact you. If you can't take a call don't worry about it, if they're motivated, they'll leave a message.

Really the only exception to giving everyone lots of easy ways to reach you is if you're trying to push prospects through a specifically crafted funnel.

For example, I do rent to own, which means when I advertise a house I get hundreds of 'buyers' who can't possibly afford it. The last thing I want is for them all to be calling my cell #. Instead I push them to my website where they can screen themselves, look at the available houses and pre-qualify themselves for the terms. Then they need to fill out the form to have me call them. I take additional steps to dissuade them on the phone, but you get the idea. They need to show they're serious before I spend much time with them.

Heeey man!

The dude above me is right.

You seriously are overthinking this, and it is not your fault. ALL these people both here on BP and the gurus will make it seem like it is a science, and for good reason. The more complicated it seems the more you will need their help.

Listen to me!

These sellers right? Guess what.. they are human. People just like YOU!

The are not mythical creatures  you just don't understand.

To make a deal you need to:

  1. be in front of them when they need you
  2. be credible (to them)

Thats IT!!

Why remove your website from the post cards? The website is there TO PROVIDE credibility. Info on you, who you are what you do, why you are different (better) than your competitors.

If you never read anything these gurus said, how would YOU really do it?

How would YOU tell a buddy of yours you want to buy heir house?

Hey man,  I want to do a flip and I think your house is perfect. Look at my bank account I have enough funds in cash to buy it right now and I have no reason to string you along.. see I just bought Your neighbor Jacks house too and look what we did to it. Doesn't it look amazing?

If you need the money and want to sell without hassle and paying agent fees.. dude just let me know man. Any time.

Be good bruh!

WHY would he not sell to you when he actually needs to sell?

It is really not that complicated. Stop listening to all these people on here (if they give you shady advice). Think on your own! Get in front of them  (send your postcards no scribbles no distractions)

Be credible (since everyone is blindly copying me now I won't share how I do this).

Good luck man. I'll help you.. you know that!

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