OK so I am getting a ton of messages about SEO.

So let me just explain this quickly here.

SEO stands for Seriously Evil Ostriches!

Here is a great SEO example!

How can you tell you are dealing with  a Seriously Evil Ostrich? Look at its face .. that SEO is enjoying tormenting poor guy!

This is why you need to get a website and treat SEO seriously.. or else!

Marketing is where you make money. The best ROI when it comes to marketing is a website. Why? Because it is "free" and the leads are high quality.

This is a fact. Now you can convince yourself and find reasons and excuses to not take websites seriously, but if you don't you WILL get out of business eventually. You can not compete finding leads if your competitor has a killer website.

Just don't think "getting a website" is the end of the story. It is hard to  have the best website in your market. 

I hope this shines some light on what SEO actually is!

Do me a favor, don't copy me! Feel free to copy anyone else that is totally fine!! just not me!

Thank yous