1-color Personalized Postcards vs 4-c Postcards

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Hi everyone - quick question:

I'm looking for info on the difference between these two types of postcards:

1. 1-color postcard (yellow, pink etc) that is personalized with homeowner name address etc

2. 4-color card that only has the name and mailing address

Does anyone have any experience with these two types of postcards.

I've priced them out and they are about the same price per piece basically from yellowletters.com and a local mailing house here in Los Angeles.

I'm leaning toward the 1-color personalized card but I'd love to hear anyone thoughts.


Text postcards are going to work the best.... the one i use has a combination of several different colors.... Black, green, red and I believe even blue. I also use a pictorial to go with my brand as well.

Its difficult for me to say much since I am the CFO for a direct mail company and BP frowns on promotion...

I get 7-10 of those postcards a week and I don't care what colors they are. I just throw them all away - don't even read them. 

I think it all depends on the timing, which is out of your control. If the person is ready to sell, they'll be more open to looking at the different cards. If they don't want to sell, they won't look. 

Originally posted by @Michaela G. :

I get 7-10 of those postcards a week and I don't care what colors they are. I just throw them all away - don't even read them. 

I think it all depends on the timing, which is out of your control. If the person is ready to sell, they'll be more open to looking at the different cards. If they don't want to sell, they won't look. 

I wish I only got 7-10 a week.  When I go visit my office (once a quarter or so) they had me a 3 foot stack of them  They go right into the trash. I used to at least open them.  Now it's not even worth my time.  

If someone wants to buy one of my places, they can send me an email with the specific property they want to buy, and the terms.  That's what I do when I'm looking to buy.  If someone can't put the time into a real offer, then I can't put the time to look at their letter.

  I'm stunned that a random letter that says "I want to buy your property" has a success rate better than 0

I totally agree with @Cody L. - it's unbelievable how impersonal those mailings are. 

I don't buy that many properties, but whenever I want to buy one, I target that owner and I knock on the door and let him/her know exactly why I'm interested in the property and see, if we can come to some kind of win/win agreement. That way I get a real conversation going and find out what the owner's needs are. 

The other day someone sent me an email that said that his assistant told him that I might be interested in selling a particular property. I wrote to him that at the very least, he should make the owner feel a little bit more special than just writing that an assistant said something...........

Like anything else marketing you need to realize one simple thing everyone seems to overlook. And this I keep telling people.

2 questions to ask yourself

Do you know WHY people use different colors with marketing pieces?

Do you realize sellers are humans just like you?

So the reason there are different colors is to distinguish them from "spam" mail. They are supposed to be eye catching.. BUT that is not all.. eye catching BUT not look like a generic random spam mailer.

If mailers have been yellow for centuries and you are the first to send pink mailers, sure they will be noticed and read.

But today? I do not care what color you use it has been seen , done and thrown out. The best color to use is probably black and white!

Now for question 2.. ties right into question 1.

sellers are not some mystical creature you know nothing about. If they were, sure ask what color what font what.... works best.  The second you realize that these are people you will do better.

And some food for thought?

If you think "ohh a motivated seller thinks differently".. BS!

I have yet to make a deal with a desperate seller. Everyone I bought houses from where normal people that were not at all desperate to sell, and just didn't want to deal with an agent. So that argument goes out of the window! 

Nobody.. NOOOO BOOODY!!!!! does this: Ready?





Everyone asks the gurus what works, and no one seems to even bother to think about WHAT it would work. People just ask. what is bette yellow letters or postcards?

Hand written letters or printed...

I simply do not get this.

People need to think and ask use logic into deciphering this.

Once you do, you WILL be successful if you just have half a brain, honestly.

Once you let analisis and logic decide and answer these questions, THEN you send out mailers and you TEST the results, and you use an open feedback loop to fine tune the campaign.

This is how you run experiments in science, engineering... in life.

More likely than not ,you will inherently be unique and original in your campaigns simply because NO ONE thinks on their own. How do you think I took over the CT market?

And now everyone is copying my website and methods.. they never learn!

The best way to not have to worry about spending money doing all these mailers... is getting a website. Let THEM find you and beg you to buy their house.


@John Bolyard At the end of the day, they both work. I've been doing DM for 3 years now and have tried all sorts of pieces and colors I'm no expert like @Michael Quarles (I just help him buy fancy cars). What I found was my call back rates were similar. I had a few pieces tank here and there but over all, whether I sent a yellow letter or PC or typed professional letter, the response was very similar. This is for the generic absentee and equity lists. My niche lists are difference and I may have a different approach for those. 

As far as what @Michaela G. and @Cody L. had to say about the mail, they are not the sellers you are looking to call you.  They are great people to add to a buyers list but they are smart enough and do things right where your services as a buyer are not needed. Keep in mind, you're going to send out several hundred to potentially thousands of letters. They can say whatever they want about the impersonal letter or getting dozens from different people but it works. I'll buy 50+ houses this year alone from DM. @Cody L. I'm not sure why you're stunned. I mean go watch some late night TV and see all the lame products being pitched by over energetic sales people in cheesy suits. If it didn't work, people wouldn't do it. 

You're going to mail it consistently every couple of weeks. You need to mail consistently to catch people at a time when they need/want to sell. I mailed someone 15 times over an 18th month period and when he finally called, he was so thankful I mailed him. He had no recollection of the previous 14 mailings. I like to send a variety of pieces over a 4-6 month period and then repeat it. I joked with my partner that we could send the same piece every month and get the same response. 

Good luck

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