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Looking for recommendations - would like someone to build simple we buy houses website - don't need anything too complicated - this wont be for SEO, it will be a site that I can include in my mailers for people to go to if they'd rather do that then call.



I have the same thing and did it on my own through WordPress and wix. They have templates to get you started.  I am about as un tech-savvy as you can get and it wasn't hard.

I used to have leadpropeller but it was $50 a month and a source for SEO junk mail and business lenders hounding my phone. Not their fault, the marketing rats just ID the new sites and blogs and found me.  My blogs were chaulk full of random junk comments that didn't even make sense.  Good luck!

You can also use WIX to build your own https://wix.com Use other sites as templates / inspiration for yours. 

Originally posted by @Paul Merriwether :

This should do the trick https://oncarrot


@Paul Merriwether thanks for the response - not looking for a rental - just a lower cost website I can own.



@Paul Merriwether

@Steve Vaughan

Thank you - I was hoping someone knew someone that would build it out through wordpress or Wix and didn't charge too much.  The reason is that I would like to have it complete asap and didnt want to do it myself and go through having to find the right plugin etc. for the form I want etc. that would probably take me longer than someone who's done it before - but I may have to.   



This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

Originally posted by @Danny Johnson :

@Steve Vaughan   Sorry to hear you had trouble with spam.  It was likely from domain registration.  The registration information is public and those companies scrape it to spam people.  We've since implemented privacy protection for all new domains to prevent this.  Anyway, good to know you are still working with online lead generation.  

If you or @John De La Garza want to talk online lead generation strategy with me, even if not a LeadPropeller client, I'd be glad to assist.  Feel free to message me.  

 out of sheer curiosity whats does lead propeller do ??? how does it assist people with lead generation. ??

@Jay Hinrichs   LeadPropeller provides real estate investor websites that are search engine optimized, conversion optimized, and mobile responsive. 

Originally posted by @Danny Johnson :

@Jay Hinrichs  LeadPropeller provides real estate investor websites that are search engine optimized, conversion optimized, and mobile responsive.  

thanks Danny I had heard the term over the years but just never knew what it was.. I don't have a website or facebook or any other social media.. I mean my wife made a facebook account for me but I cant figure out how to get on it..:)  and I don't accept text messaging I wont answer those.. I got on to this thing called whats app and I like those quick verbal messages.. this way I can tell the inflection in the voice and its 100 times quicker than trying to text... 

I do at some point though have to get into the 21st century.. but I am heck on e mail and have come to like BP with all the banter and attempting to help those that are in the beginning stages of their career .   so what is the carrot thing.. that guys is out of nowhere Oregon.. I heard about that this week at a Real estate conference I attended in San Diego.. they were talking about Carrot something and going to Roseburg Oregon..  

@Jay Hinrichs   I hear ya on the getting onboard with everything. Everything changes so fast though, it's hard to keep up.  Have you heard of Voxer?  It's a great app for fast voice communications.  

Carrot is also a provider of websites.   Good people too.  

Originally posted by @Danny Johnson :

@Jay Hinrichs  I hear ya on the getting onboard with everything. Everything changes so fast though, it's hard to keep up.  Have you heard of Voxer?  It's a great app for fast voice communications.  

Carrot is also a provider of websites.   Good people too.  

ya Jason Hartman suggested I get on Voxer I did not like it.. I like whats app..  

thanks for the reply and if your a father happy fathers day !!!! 

@Jay Hinrichs   No problem.  Yes, father of 5.  Happy Father's Day to you as well.

Hi John,

If you have the time, I recommend using WordPress.

I have used this for a number of years now. Easy to use and create sites that you own and don't have to pay high fees for. 

STEP 1 - Register your domain (about $13/year). Provide an email created specifically for this purpose. Do not provide your main business email, so you don't receive spam there.

STEP 2 - Sign up with a hosting company to host your site. I use HostGator. As little as $3/month for hosting. For ease of install, you can register your domain and get your hosting all at the same place.

STEP 3 - Use the login credentials your new hosting company emails you, log into your control panel, and install WordPress using their easy one-click install.

STEP 4 - With the WordPress platform in place, install your desire "Theme." A WordPress theme is a collection of PHP and CSS files that determine the overall look and layout of a WordPress site, including the colors, layout, typography and other style elements. Themes may be free, or cost a one-time license fee of $30-60. I use a theme that comes with “demos” for you to use.

STEP 5 - Use your "standard theme website layout" or if you buy a theme with demos, install your chosen "demo." A demo is a fully functional website designed for a specific industry. Once you have the demo installed, you will have a beautiful website on your domain. From here, just start to update the text or images to reflect what you want to say.

If you get stuck, there are lots of free videos online that will help you through the above steps. And if you don't have the time or inclination for all of the above, hire someone for a modest fee to help with the initial setup. I know someone if you need a referral.

Good luck! 

This post has been removed.

Hi @John De La Garza ,

I use LeadPropeller.  The support is top notch.  I'm in a very small market (Uvalde, TX), which is just 1.5 hours west of San Antonio, so it may be a bit of an over kill for me, however, it does bring much credibility when prospects see my page and ranked up there.  One thing I love about @Danny Johnson 's company is that they bring a lot of education for non-tech savvy guys like me.  I've learned a lot just by the Flip Pilot community he built as well as the educational tools, podcasts, etc.  The website is very intuitive.  In a small market like mine, I can't rely on a website alone to get leads, but when I send out postcards, my page hit count goes up, so I know people are checking if I am a legit "local" investor.  Then the calls will come in. 

@Danny Johnson, I know you've suggested putting up testimonial video's in the past.  I do intend on doing that.  :-) 

By the way, I am not affiliated with LeadPropeller; I'm just a happy customer.

No matter what you do with a site make certain every form, telephone number or chat feature have campaigns attached.  

Automatic follow up.  

Hey all,

In regards to hosting through Hostgator, i just setup hosting through Hostgator last week. In my quest to learn website development, the video i was watching had a coupon code that saved a hefty amount of money. The code is savecode and i guess the guy who made the video is sponsered with them. Anyways, if thats the route you go, hopefully it will save you some money. After all, that's why we are all here, right? 

Check out Fiverr!  I've been using them for several years now for digital design, advertising, photos, etc.  I haven't had a website created through them yet, but I understand they will design a wordpress or wix site for you in a couple of days.

@Jay Hinrichs  yes, Voxer is the best way to communicate ever invented all human history. :-)

Originally posted by @Jason Hartman :

@Jay Hinrichs  yes, Voxer is the best way to communicate ever invented all human history. :-)

I prefer Whats app.. but then you loved Tesla and I bought two  .. I love mine you hated yours.. then you loved Jetsmarter then did not.

luckily I did not pull the trigger on that one.. but now that I am in Vegas and when I get back for the full winter run I am going to try it.. 

LOL... Oh so many first world  problems.  I have gotten off of facebook so have not followed you in a few months.. at least your world wide adventures that look pretty cool  !!!

@John De La Garza

Ive used " Joomla" in the past for other websites its been pretty good to me and best of all its OpenSource (free). 

Once you have your contents its pretty easy to get around

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