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Good afternoon BP,

I trust everyone is well. I’m a new member to BP and I would like to know if anyone has any insight on the most efficient ways to market to sellers and buyers as a wholesaler? I’m aware of the direct postcard mailing and cold calling strategy, and I’m also aware that many people frown upon the bandit sign strategy. Therefore, does anyone have any advice on proven methods that have provided excellent results in their business? Looking forward to responses, and enjoy your day.

I created a website and do google adwords to advertise it. its given me a pretty good return so far. I set my daily budget pretty low just to test it at $5 a day. I probably get about 3 to 5 leads a week. I'm sure if you spent more per day the lead flow would be much better!

Thank you @Victor Cornell . It's really cool. Every property gets its own page where I post a video walk-through of the property and an opt-in page to collect leads. You could have every property your wholesaling have its own page, and then have lots of pages for different communities that you're looking for. It's changed my entire game.

@Victor Cornell

Hello sir!

First off, congrats on joining BP. I think you'll find a lot of valuable information and insight here on the site!

Second, regarding your inquiry on best ways to market, here is what has helped me MOST in my pursuit of off-market deals in Chicago - if applied, these strategies will work anywhere:

1. Social Media/Online Presence - Go to Facebook and LinkedIn, even Instagram. Try to connect with as many people in the real estate industry in your area as possible. This means realtors, attorneys, lenders, investors, contractors, property managers, leasing agents, city officials, you name it. If you're the type of person who uses social media to post about your personal life, maybe consider creating a separate business-oriented profile strictly for real estate purposes. Now that you have your profile ready, and you've started to accrue some "friends", post 1-2x per day regarding who you are, what you do, and how you can help. The goal is to get all of your contacts to associate you with one thing: buying and selling real estate. With me, I'm just looking to buy, so of course, I cater more towards that. In a couple weeks time, you should start to get leads through your online social media channels, all the while getting your name and brand awareness out there to the rest of the world.

2. Just like with social media, you'll need to go out and meet people in person and do the same thing. Go to meet ups, shake hands, and get to know the players in your market. 2-3x per week is fine. Be sure to follow up with everyone you meet via email, and of course, find them on social media. Now you're meeting people in person, and they're seeing all of your content online through your social media presence. 

3. Letter campaigns are great.

4. Door-knocking is greater.

You don't necessarily need a list of homes to send letters to, or even door knock on. Simply drive some neighborhoods where you live and make a note of the seemingly vacant properties. Knock on the door. Knock on the neighbor's door. Talk to people walking the sidewalks. Nobody knows the neighborhood like the guy who walks it every morning. 

5. Get your broker's license. Trust me. This will give you MLS access, credibility, and it will ultimately help you determine ARV's in much more accuracy than Zillow or any other site. Not to mention, you'll be coming in contact with many more brokers who come across deals than if you weren't licensed.

In closing: get your name out there, tell people what you do, and talk to everyone. Don't be discouraged if you don't buy houses immediately. These things take time.

If you know any decent wholesalers or lead sources in Chicago, let me know! We're buying 200 homes per month, and I need more out here. We buy in ATL as well!

Hope this helps.

@Van Blackman and @Account Closed Thank you both for your time and your insights! It is much appreciated! I knew that someway social media was a big player in marketing, as it has amassed fortunes for many by connecting people like you and me, but I didnt know how to actually implement it into my business. It is beginning to become clearer now with your help. My desire is to be great! Thank you again.

Originally posted by @Justin A. :

@David Sanford  thank you, will check it out!

 I am going to have to oppose the other gentledude here.

do NOT use wix.  Forget it.

"ohh it is but a matter of opinion" umm.. no it is not.

Google "We Buy Houses In [city state], yes?

OK now google "I need to sell my house in [city state].

OK choose any city you wish.. maybe.. umm Connecticut?

Hell choose ANY state, city.

Look at the top 5 #1 ranking websites .

I bet you will see 90% of said sites are Investor Carrot. OK so what can we deduct from that.. that all these ranking websites have geniuses working their SEO? Not likely. It is not the people (often) that is the reason they rank all in the top 5.

If it was truly the people you would see PLENTY of wix sites ranking.. heck let's take it one step further, you would see plenty of NON investor carrot sites ranking. But that is not the case. It is not just that wix is not ranking.. it is that  nothing but investor carrot sites ranking (most of the time).

So try your luck with wix sure. want to be serious? Make it big, MAKE actual money? Stay away from anything but Investor carrot in my honest opinion.

Now.. imagine this.. Investor carrot + a SOLID knowledge of SEO.. OMGAH Invincible!

So when is it an OK thing to do to get wix? if you do not really have hopes to rank and you will get leads from PPC or DMM.. sure, which is... ugh I can't even say it... it starts with an "O" and ends with  "Kay"

IT BURNS  it friggin BURNS

that will be 3 pretty hot virgins please!

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