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I'm currently a Realtor & I have been studying FB & IG Ads & Marketing. I have been implementing some of what I have learned along the way for my real estate business. I haven't done paid advertising just yet but I'm about to launch a paid advertising campaign. I have been focused on growing my organic reach for now. 

My question is, have any of you guys used FB Ads to get leads for investments or purchasing or selling property? I know there are FB rules that won't allow much of the real estate to be posted. If you have figured out how to post without getting red flagged by FB, how have you done it? 

Or if you are planning on using Social Media for leads, how do you plan on using it to brand yourself & create a fan base of loyal followers?

Hey @Ivan Vargas .   These are good questions you bring up and honestly I'm happy that you are going to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy.  

Regardless of the business, everyone should be using paid ads to grow their business.  Organic growth isn't what it used to be as you only reach about 2% of your total follows and this number is going to drop even more in the near future.   

I used FB paid ads to get myself new leads/clients and to also get my clients new leads, not to mention they are all quality leads due to the targeting abilities.  

If you need guidance on this, we can get on the phone and I can address any question you have.  I market for the real estate industry along with teaching real estate agents/brokers how to market for themselves. 

My number is listed below, feel free to shoot me a text.


In general, you stick language that won't get you in trouble with fair housing laws, you should be fine. Can't say things like "great for families". That chapter of Brandon Turner's book on Property Management/Landlording talks about how to advertise your rental is a good starting point (I'm sure there are other awesome resources, that's just sort of my go-to at the moment). 

However, FB (and instagram, by extension, since ads are on the same platform) sometimes isn't as quick to pick up on real estate issues, I've noticed, as it is for things like fitness related. Say the phrase "fat loss" and your ad will get canned for offensiveness several steps before the submit button LOL. But it's always good to play by the rules, nonetheless :-D 

@Rachel Rendall Thank you for the little tips! I love how FB won't allow me to post ads that will get me in trouble. I am pushing ads for my real estate sales business & my business partner wants to build a community to help Hispanics w real estate. 

I push out ads but I get rejected all the time from FB :(

I don't post anything that involves sales. I'm pushing out information for the community but I guess FB doesn't speak Spanish yet bc 1/10 posts got accepted 

I am now working on creating something else to build a community. The one post that did get accepted got most of it's traffic though IG. I'm creating posts for each platform & bringing them back to one place. I'm also looking at my Audience Insights to learn about my audience to market appropiately. I'm doing the same for Twitter, even though Twitter is more difficult. I understand it better & I'm creating a plan to push out info to generate traffic through Twitter. 

Absolutely, Ivan, happy to help. And yeah, being booted at the beginning is better than thinking an ad goes through and two days later you find crazy ad costs and then it gets canned 🤦🏻♀️🤦🏻♀️🤦🏻♀️  If you’ve got an ad that won’t go through and need help troubleshooting, I’d be happy to take a look and see if I have any pointers to get you on the right track. 

Yes, tying in SEO and PPC to my website is what blew my business up.  I did a lot of PPC ads while my SEO rankings were moving up.  Now I get so many motivated leads from free google search because I rank at the top in almost every category and market I am marketing, I no longer spend anything on PPC.  It does take some time, and money, but is well worth it if you set it all up correctly. 

I don’t see anyone talking about Instagram ads so to chime in I'm seeing Instagram ads as being an awesome lead source.

There's no need to even really compare the two asking “which is better Angel Facebook Ads or Instagram ads??”. Think of it like this, by advertising on Instagram your getting soooooooo much more reach. As the Facebook news feed gets more and more saturated/ competitive, Instagram is this spectacular extension of Facebook with over a BILLION users!

Common misconception would be, “but Angel Instagram is only full of younger people not motivated sellers”, and to that, I say bah humbug! That statement is completely false. While yes, the demographic is most certainly skewed to the younger folks, but that doesn’t mean your dear aunt sally and mama dukes aren’t using Instagram. Just looking at the people in my life that are well older, they all use Instagram pretty often.

What's also great about Instagram is that there are 500 million daily active users on Instagram with an average of 50 minutes spent on the app per day, per user. People love this platform, plain and simple.

Arguably, Instagram users' favorite part of the platform has to be Instagram stories. Guess what 500 million Instagram users use stories every day!

So how do you go about advertising on Instagram you may ask. Well its as easy as checking a box in the “placement” section. However, you want to be a little more successful on the platform let me advise a trategic tip.

Keep Mobile In Mind

Instagram is on desktop however nobody even uses the desktop version, people are using Instagram from their phones. The images and videos you see within the Instagram platform are made for the mobile platform. Your video ads and picture ads should be aspect ratios of a square (800x800) or 9:16 or 3:1 etc… the idea is to create these ads that will be able to not only work on the other placement options but to particularly leverage the Instagram platform.

Also, take into account where you are placing the ad within the platform. See you can advertise on Instagram stories and in a video you can make a call to action to swipe up on the screen. Or if you're within the feed have the person clicking the highlighted “Learn More” button.

If you have any questions feel free to message me!

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