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If you were really being stingy with your marketing budget (like me) and you had to choose between SEO or PPC (or neither) to generate leads (motivated sellers and cash buyers), what would you choose?  If someone has seen a good post on this subject, please re-direct me.  I saw a good post by a guy who essentially said you have to do both.  My other thought is just to stick with doing JVs for awhile with others in my areas of interest with people who already are overflowing with leads and split profits on deals.  Thoughts?

I think there are 9 areas we should concentrate on. One of them is PPC/SEO which i will always choose PPC over SEO only because I can turn that faucet on at any time and move from hot market to hot market. Much like direct mail. I can t do that with SEO. 

Disadvantage of PPC is equity position in the property of the caller.

Here are my nine and not in any order. 

  1. PPC/SEO
  2. Youtube
  3. Facebook
  4. Directmail
  5. TV/Infomercials   
  6. COI
  7. Cold Calling
  8. Text Marketing (see it live text House to 818181)
  9. Voice Blast

The one that most don't concentrate on and it not on the list, is follow up... Its a key to all successful businesses is follow up... Remember ever inbound call creates an average of 7 outbound calls.

SEO is only useful when you are ranking 1 or 2 on Google for the right keywords.

Or I should rephrase. You need to use SEO to rank 1st, otherwise it is not very useful.

SEO is a tool to accomplish a goal.

Let me rewrite that...SEO get's you infront of people that need your services at exactly the right time they need it, to accomplish them to sell their house to you.

So asking what is better SEO or.... is a very misleading inaccurate question to ask. My competitor... yes you.. that always copies every gaadamn thing I do... for him SEO is utterly useless because he would have to beat me for SEO, to be of any use to him. Yeah good luck with that!

So then to demonstrate the power of accomplishing SEO to rank 1...

This is what my marketing budget looks like ..

$99 dollars /month (to host my website).  That's all.

What do I get for said $99 dollars?


Well that and the flat screen TV collections I have when people just leave crazy good stuff behind when they sell their house to moi ^_^.

So WHY pay for PPC if I get more than I can ever handle for free? See all the leads in my email in bold? I can't even get to them all. They go wasted!

But there is ONE reason  I WILL pay for PPC (soon).

My competitors are now desperate. The only way to get leads now is through DM.. or PPC, or.... 

So in order to take over CT I now will also take their PPC territory away from them. As brutal as it may seem,  to be THE top dog you need to be the ONLY top dog.

So join my team, or get disintegrated MUUUHAHAHAHA

Join the darkside!

People say "ohh invest in other markets, other states, ....) I say WT HELL man. Of course not. If you get ALL the leads in your state... heck.. your town, you will be filthy (rich) soon enough.

I am not going to waste my time and energy establishing myself 500 miles away?! That is flat out stupid (in my honest opinion). Instead I am going to be THE friggin king of flips in CT. The moment anyone even mentions "house" I pop up with my leopard skin towel around my butt swinging from tree to tree, in their heads !

Ranking organically #1 is priceless. It pretty much means you will become filthy, it is just a matter of time, no matter what business you are in.

PPC is CRUCIAL, to get leads right away. So there is definitely a place for this. SEO takes time.

So they both have a place and they are both important. My personal preference is.. do PPC when you just got a website, and/or you hate DMM (like me), till your SEO yoids results. Then either do both or just do SEO.

If you do not do PPC, 20% of these potentials will escape you. So if you really want all possible internet leads, then yes PPC is something you need to do.

So the moral of the story here is people need to stop saying "SEO" as " ranking 1". SEO does not equal ranking 1. SEO simply means  TRYING to rank 1. Doing work to accomplish the site to rank higher.

So having this in mind.. if you are in CT and you are considering SEO.. yeah... you are better off doing PPC 


Get it?


Nope you don't... (yet)..

because things get a little MORE complicated.

SEO, PPC, what ever it is you do .. alone will not get you any leads.

You need to be credible too.

I said it once, I will say it again

[SEO/PPC/FB/DMM] + [Credibility] = [Deals]

There you have it!

And I didnt even charge my usual 3 virgins!

Originally posted by @Sean Dolan :

SEO is not free. Your time has value. 

 That depends what you define the value of YOUR time to be!

If you think time watching TV and eating pizza is valuable.. then yes you have a point. In that case time spending on SEO comes at a cost (because you value eating pizza more).

To me however I free up time SO THAT I can do SEO!

So in that case you are wrong! Yes my time is valuable. So is SEO.

This is why I spent my valuable time doing valuable SEO.

Don't quite understand your point here. The whole point to spend valuable time doing SEO is because there is nothing more valuable than getting FREE leads (FREE high quality leads) if you are investing in real estate (to me at least).

So, SEO has no monetary cost to me because I do it myself. Hence SEO to me IS free, I don't spend money on it doing it myself. Maybe not for you, but for me it is free!

Get it?

Originally posted by @Sean Dolan :

@Jerryll Noorden Most of that didn't make any sense to me, but it sounds like you're saying your time is worth $0/hour.

 Not everyone's brain are as advanced as mine. I don't blame you. You'll get there sooner or later.. I hope

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