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Hey my silly little mortals. I get asked all sorts of questions about SEO constantly through my mailbox and I have to keep repeating answers to different people.

If you could, I think it is better to ask these questions here in the open so I don't get the same questions over and over again.

MODs @Mindy Jensen how about a separate section on SEO? It is the biggest thing for any business, it totally deserves its own section... no?

Either way ask your Questions here and I bet there are a ton of SEO experts that could chime in!

Hey Jerryll, I have a question. How do you feel about using SEO as an agent for leads?

Doing a quick Google search for "real estate agents in Lexington SC " shows top dogs like Zillow, and Chances of outranking those sites aren't that great. 

I've done some SEO work in the past for a completely different business, but never got to number 1 on any key terms. 

I'm definitely not sceptical of SEO, just don't know if it would work for an agent. 

And how do you feel social media ties into the whole SEO deal? Would it be better for an agent to build a following on any given social media platform vs SEO? 

Thanks for your time 👊

@Jerryll Noorden to follow up on the SEO for agents question, type any address into google and the first pages are  filled with Zillow, Realtor, Trulia and all of the big national brokerages.

The same holds true for “Realtor in (town name)

It seems to me that the big guys have sucked all of the oxygen out of the room.

Is there any reason I should give SEO any thought?

@Tracy Selfridge

@Charlie MacPherson


Take a look at this

I find it quite easy to outrank the "big boys" like zillow and the sorts because usually they are conceited and spoiled. They think they are untouchable/ they are too big for their market to worry about anyone overtaking them, they don't work on SEO.. all these reasons combined makes them quite weak.

the strongest point why I can overtake them (as well as you) is that their market is still different from ours.

I don't recall not once them out ranking my site while I am not even trying to out do them.

The challenge lies when your competitor is just gunning for one city or one county and you (me) need to rank 80 cities. When I finally outrank my competitor for their target city, and go on to my next 10 cities.. by the time I am done with city #10, city number 1 is again 2nd to my competitor. As my site is inherently stronger (better SEO) it will take just a day to out rank them, but the sheer volume of cities I constantly need to nurture makes it really hard.

SEO for agents is very feasible. Agents do not really compete with zillow and the sort, you all compete with us... investors.

Keep this simple rule in mind. SEO has nothing to do with your market, your site, what you are after or your goal. You can rank ANY site #1. For some keywords it will be harder and will take more time and ingenuity, but it absolutely can be done.

The challenge here is that you need to be smart, creative, UNDERSTAND SEO and ally it.

If you are gunning to please google with SEO, you will not make it!

If you want me to be more directly helpful, you should let me know what you have done wrt SEO.

Often people say "yeah I have done SEO bt it is not working" and then ll they do is use super spammy backlinks from thin content one page sites ... that is NOT SEO.

That is sucking up to Google... Not good.

Originally posted by @Account Closed :

And how do you feel social media ties into the whole SEO deal? Would it be better for an agent to build a following on any given social media platform vs SEO? 

Thanks for your time 👊

 I don't use social media for lead generation. Although many people I respect swear by it, I do not agree with it.

When someone wants to sell  house they are not goig to open up a facebook page and find the solution there.

Sure when your add pops up on facebook, (because someone has searched for "we buy houses" companies in the past ... cockies and stuffs) you have a chance they will click on the fb add and a lea may happen... this is again, not my kind of gtting leads. For now I want my leads to be from people that REALLY need to sell. I have enough leads that I do not need to pay money and go chase them, lure them in, fish for them.

Having said that, if you do not yet rank 1, or for whatever reason you want to go after social media... it definitely has SEO benefits.

  • Your site gets indexed faster,
  • You have more internet presence
  • More traffic to you site which could mean a good thing and a bad. If they stay on your site and scroll, interact, that is good.. if they don't that is bad. (Not all traffic is the same)
  • ...

Social media can aid in credibility;


FB can help you be credible... just know that it can also take away credibility. If you are an idiot and pose all tough with your pants under your buttcheek showing gangsigns with your hands posing with a gun... yeah.. no!

SEO is not a mystery. You just need to logically think and don't aim to please Google. Please your visitors and you will rank!

Originally posted by :

Is there any reason I should give SEO any thought?

 Well... consider this.

SEO now is not just about you anymore.

It is not "ohh if I do SEO then I may get one, and if I don't .. ohh well nothing happens and I am still fine".

That is what all my competitors thought too 2 years ago.

Then some monkey claimed #1 position and now  they are not getting organic leads anymore. And if/when they do, I also get them.

Guess what then happens. Now the only way to get leads is by paying for them, and that makes things very dangerous. Now you are always in need to spend a ton of money marketing and it is game over if you are not.

If you are not getting at least a few leads a week, you are doing something wrong. EVERY city has desperate people in need to sell their house. If you are not getting these leads your competitor is. Why is this so bad? Not only are YOU not making money... your COMPETITOR is.. which means THEY are getting stronger, more established more credible and in return you will get even fewer leads.

Yes, there IS a really good reason why you should seriously focus on SEO. Because the moment when people wisen up a bit and start to realize the power of SEO, in YOUR market.. you will be seriously done for!

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