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I'm struggling to setup my keywords for my local search campaign. For those of you that have successful adwords campaigns, what are motivated sellers searching for when your ad pops up? It obviously is a very niche target group to reach..

Any advice is appreciated.


I know very little about real estate, but I'm pretty good with adwords. It doesn't matter what other people are getting hits on for motivated sellers, on a local search you've got to do the research yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

Also consider that adwords might not be your best bet. If you know your demographic (I know you have the niche but if you know age, education level, gender, whatever) Then facebook ads might serve you better. For my uses they tend to be lower quality than adwords, but I've always ended up getting more bang for my buck out of them. They tend to be much cheaper than adwords. Converting 50% as well at 10% the cost is a win.

How many ads did you do? Most people consider 2% conversion to be normal for cold traffic. You need at least couple hundred visitors to determine if your landing page is any good at getting people into your sales funnel. Also, did you track different ads on facebook? It could be a simple as your ad copy is drawing the wrong people to your site.

The danger with facebook ads is that they show to everyone who meets your criteria. You don't just get people who search your keywords. The challenge is to write the ad copy so that people who need to sell their house quickly know what you do, without drawing a bunch of bored facebook users who are killing time.

Adwords is a different beast. The trick is to figure out what phrases your prospects are searching. The problem with local searches is that other peoples research doesn't always apply.

What motivated home sellers are searching for in Wisconsin might not be what they are searching for in Charlotte NC. The only real way to figure it out is trial and error. The keyword tools are ok, but the more specific the search criteria get the more inaccurate they become

I've experimented a little with adwords in attracting buyers and sellers. (I'm a Realtor), It was very expensive compared to SEO. You might consider a website company to help you design your site and run a SEO campaign for you. Organic searches also have more credibility than the ads.

Organic is always better. Top three results on google get over 75% of the traffic. But before you take the time to begin an organic campaign it makes a lot of sense to split test and refine your landing page with ppc traffic.

Organic rankings require constant effort to keep up and you wither have to put in the time to do it yourself, or pay someone to do it for you. It's either time consuming as you get over the learning curb, or expensive to use a real company to help.

But that isn't the reason to use PPC for testing. It takes a while to build up in the organic results, can be a couple of weeks. With paid advertising you can send yourself a lot of relevant traffic over a few days. You get meaningful data on your conversions a lot more quickly.

Once you have a conversion rate established you can then judge the value of a keyword phrase. Say you know your site converts at about 3%. You rank it for "your city sell your home quickly" and "your city stop bankruptcy".

The first keyword phrase converts at 3.1% and send you a decent amount of traffic. The second converts at 0.2%. It might have a good number of searches, but the searchers aren't your target demographic. Unless you have already established a conversion rate , then you have to consider the possibility that the problem was your landing page, not your keyword choice.

The first step in a good online marketing campaign is figuring out the conversion rate on your site. After that you can worry about the relative value of organic ranking vs PPC vs media buys and placements.

My "day job" is running a marketing agency that does both SEO, PPC and web design.

While you don't mention what you are marketing and to whom you are marketing to, my first suggestion is to make it easy and give an incentive for people to sign up. The mistake of most new folks is to want as much information as possible. Write (or have ghostwritten) getting an e-book related to what you are marketing and give it away if someone gives you a valid e-mail list and first name.

The next thing would be to set up an e-mail series that incentives people to take the next step -- either calling or filling out a longer lead form. Ultimately, you need to move people down the funnel towards whatever your conversion/sale/objective is. The real power will be in nurturing and maintaining that e-mail list -- you won't have something for everyone right away but eventually you might so if you stay in touch, continue to provide value, eventually, there will be a sale for you.

My second point is that you'll need to test what kind of traffic works best for you and meets your ROI. I've have some clients where Facebook rocks but Adwords sucks while someone in the same industry but different location will do better with Adwords and SEO traffic. Test, test and test again.

PM me for a $100 adwords coupon if you'd like...

I played with AdWords with promotional $50 credit. Had a couple of hits in 3 months and 2 or 3 inquiries (under water properties). IMO, your truly motivated seller with a fixer-upper to sell will not search for the buyer on the web. And if he does, he will submit the inquiry to every single website he will find.

George, I disagree.

I had a seller submit on one of my sites last month. I was able to get it under contract same day with no competition.

Sold it same day as well to another investor and my net was over $30k. I had to double close it though to protect the spread amount.

It does work. You just need to know what you are doing, and how PPC works. It is not easy, but bottom line it works.

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