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I am new to real estate investing. Although I am striving to go above and beyond in this career field I don't know where to start! Most recommend reading books and studying the field as much as I can, while others say a mentor or just buying a house and learn as you go (although I'd rather not go this route). Any advice?

Most people here will tell you the theoretical text book versions of "steps how to make it".

Honestly, that is great to  know but that is simply not going to get you far. You need actual steps, that are practical from the perspective of someone that has been in your shoes, that remembers how hard the struggle was, that knows how difficult it was to break through the analysis paralysis phase, that made mistakes, learned from them, and can predict where you will also stumble and fall and give you pointers when and where to be extra careful.

So if I have convinced you that I know what I am talking about because I HAVE been there, this is what you do, knowing now what I wish I knew then.


The end!

To be successful at REI you need to generate leads. That is the hardest part for most.

The way you find/get these leads will make or break you.

What I will tell you next is not the most popular choice, and that is exactly WHY I am in such a great position.

Get a website immediately. Learn the ins and outs of SEO.

Anything else will fall into place as you go. Just trust me on this one.

Originally posted by @Charles Carillo :

@Vanessa Ellerbe

A website will help to brand you and your business. Social media helps to build credibility with people that are planning on working with you.

Hello my little Yoomanz,

Charles is only partially right... verrrrry partially.

A website is WAY more than just to brand your business. yes yes sure sure, a website can be ideal for branding and I absolutely do not disagree. But my little munchkins, step back and look at the bigger picture.

Let me try to paint this picture for you so you can see how crucial a website is.

It is your hub, it is your base, it is all questions asked, answered when anyone ready for you has them. (yeah I know, read that sentence 3 more times till you understand it).

It is your identity online, it is YOU online. Here you show of your attitude, your character, your credibility, it is your passport and identification online.Are you  goofball like me? Make it shown on the website, through your writing style. Make your site stand out, make people feel like they are talking to a person reading your site. 

THAT my lil gringos is my secret to website success. There I spilled the beans!

Keyword here is "online". We live in the digital age D4D, Bandit signs, DMM, it is obsolete. Those methods do not count anymore on their own! Do not believe me? Have you EVER heard ANYONE say, OMG my DDM campaigns are AWESOME!! I get a 60% conversion rate yada yada yada.. No you have not!

Branding your website comes AFTER you have a presence. AFTER you are big enough TO brand the website.

Of course you need to start immediately, but the effects of branding show only when you are worthy to be branded.

Imagine Mr Bigglesworth here is starting his site tomorrow. Wanna be inspiring wholesaler. He can brand his site all he wants. Branding is ONLY usefully when you can back it up with facts, proof.

If I can not show my client reviews, and before and after pics of the houses I have purchased and remodeled, no branding will stick.

So how will a website help your REI career?

Ohh my silly little yooman you.. no no it will not help.. it will DETERMINE whether you are successful or forever struggling.

And sure anyone can talk a good talk I get that...

So I will show you!

So what is the ONE thing EVERY stinkin investor needs to make money.. regardless what niche they are in?

They Need Leads! Period.

Now what is the ONE thing pretty much no investor has an abundance of?

Again Leads!

If you have leads, you make all the money!

Now..  here is moi:

 Free daily leads!

A website is so much more than branding your business. My website IS my business.

Seriously though...

I spend no money and pretty much no time to get these leads. No buying list, no designing mailers, no spending money sending mailers, no skip tracing, no no no. I just live my live and leads pour in.

Do it the right way.. if you do just one thing, get a website.

Work on your SEO, and you do not need to pay anyone to do it for you if you have the time and determination to do it. You do need to be clever and be able to think out of the box to make it in SEO, but it is not something impossible to do.

Look you need a website because if you do not and your competitor has one... it is game over for you!

Ohh and no offense to social media lovers.

Social media doesnt do crap for credibility. Credibility does credibility.

Social media is just a channel to host your credibility proof.

Having a clear easy to find phone number on your website gives credibility.

An email listed on your site does credibility

a video of your self in a polo shirt with your logo on your left nipple does credibility. Videos of you nagging the customer to make a video and where your costumer is half pissed at you half embarrassed THAT is the ultimate credibility. (Why? would YOU want a camera in your face and forced to talk how happy you are your house sold? No! and your audience knows this so that is far more believable than some woman huge small ECSTATIC about how AuhhMuyyZing you were at buying their house.. ohh puhleeze).

Social media is fake! any savvy seller can smell fake a mile away.

I do not do anything on social media, and look at all my leads with $0 marketing budget.

HOWEVER I AM currently developing a Social Media SEO strategy that will have you drooling with envy! Stay tuned!

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