What is the best way to get your own off market deals?

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You have to market to potential sellers via bandit sign, yellow letters, craigslist, FB marketplace, etc. You have to get them to call you, especially if you are not local. You could use wholesalers and bird dogs in the market you are looking at. Get on their buyers list, but know how to verify what they say.

Originally posted by @Michael Blackwood :

Is this even possible for a long distance investor? Would agentpro247 or list source be the best way to go for this?

 Is this possible for long distance investor...

Ab so friggin lutely. Especially FOR long distance investors its ideal.

No not bandit signs, not cold calling, why are you doing effort or trouble looking for off market deals?! No no my good man. You make THEM do the effort looking for YOU

How? I thought you'd never ask. Sit down, get stoked. I will tell you a juicy secret.

You ready?

Really ready? really rrrrrreally ready?

OK here goes.

This goes on day in day out.

How you ask. Well you get yourself a website.

Then either get someone that is a freak at seo. (Or you can do SEO yourself... I did it myself so don;t let anyone convince you you HAVE to get an "expert" and pay them how to do it. Well unless of course they are a SEO mutant freak demigod... then yes. Convince them to do SEO for you.

You make your website credible and before you know it  this:

will happen.

And then you will be living the life.

See here is the thing. No matter how often I show these pics, No matter how much proof I post, for some reason people just do not grasp how important this concept is and they brush it off as not realistic.

I have ranked many a sites#1, not just my site:

in markets like southern cali, and dallas...

I am an investor just like you.. ok maybe not JUST like you.. I am half ape but that's besides the point.

If I can do it, you can do it. (well, in theory).

Stop following the masses.

Seriously dude. How reliable ethical and efficient are bandit signs.. come now.. really? Bandit signs? That's for amateurs man.

Wouldn't you rather sit on your butt do nothing and let the leads pour in on automatic?


OK then stop wasting your time with amateurish ways to get leads and step up and do it like a serious beast!

Get your website on!!

Yeah baaybee yeah!

I haven't used it myself, but a high level guy in my city uses REI Pro or Prop dream. They are monthly subscriptions though.

@Michael Blackwood Mail is a great way to get un-listed deals. It doesn't matter if you are local or long distance. But, the list is key. A good list broker can help you to combine different lists and optimize for the area where you are looking.

You should consider mailing to people who aren’t on every other investor’s radar. Absentee Owners have been popular for a long time, and are apparently still somewhat effective (people are still mailing to them) but they are getting multiple offers to buy their home. It's hard to stand out.

There are some owner-occupied segments with people who share motivating factors for selling their home.

Seniors with Long-time Ownership: often ready to downsize or transition to assistance.

Homeowners with Low Financial Stability Scores (FSS): Struggling financially and likely ready to cash in on their asset.

Both these categories have additional advantages in that they probably don’t haven’t been updated and may have deferred maintenance. They won’t be expecting the same money as their neighbors with the shiny new kitchen and fresh paint.

I mean no offense to list brokers and list lovers, but I really think this is something that should be told. Newbies all over are forced to end their REI careers because of this notion that I keep coming across.

So all you list brokers, close your eyes, log out, do not read this message! You may get pissed at me... sorry :)

So now that all the list brokers are gone.. let's talk!

Be careful with lists. A lot (not all mind you.. but a lot) of the theories floating around in the REI world are completely bogus.

I will give you an example.

"Absentee owners are a great list to send mailers to". You heard that one before right?

OK.. now .. WHY?

"Ohh because they have 2 houses so they are more likely to sell one house".

That is a valid reasoning right?

Sure, but so is this:

"They bought a second house because they WANT to have TWO houses".

Wow, that too is a valid reasoning. Yup it is, now lets go one further: 

"If they have 2 houses it could also mean they have plenty of money so it is actually LESS likely they are in distress." Right?

So why do you believe ONLY the first reason that supports lists? Just because you want it to work? That's not how live works bubbles!

My point?

It is EXACTLY the same as if you throw mailers in the wind and where they land they will land.

It is A GAMBLE! Its luck.

That is ALL it is. Most of the time lists do not make sense. It is simply the choice form for lead generation simply because:

1). the previous investor that you thought knew more than you, said it was the way to go and well "because they are the expert" it must be true. So people started doing so, they get leads they make money (not because it works.. but because it is a gamble, and you win some and you lose some), and people inherently see what they want to see even if it just isn't there.

    2). often investors have no choice. That is the "only" way to get leads, if you do not have a ranking website bla bla bla. Sure sometimes there is something to a list.. I guess? I have not yet seen it personally.. but if you are in preforeclosure and selling fast is the only way.. I would guess so, IN THEORY. However with my out-of-this-world website harvesting countless of leads every week, I have YET to land me a deal from someone that is in foreclosure.

    Most of my leads simply come from people that hate the scent of agents.

    My advice to everyone here is to think on your own. Do not follow the "experts", unless they can provide you with numbers, graphs, proof, pictures. And when they can, even then still try to find flaws. 

    What I did in this message is an example. Don't just get sold on the positive reasons why something should work. Also think about why the theory could be wrong and then evaluate the risk. Am I willing to spend $1500 on a list, and an other $975 to send post cards out to that list, and an other $500 for skip tracing and re-sending the list when it may very well be a random list of people without any real reason why they would want to sell AND at a discount no less?

    I have tried lists, and I HATE them. Yes I got lucky a few times, but when I was not lucky 3 times in a row, my money was gone!

    No thanks! I stick to lead generation methods that actually give me reliable daily leads like clockwork!

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