If you are an active real estate investor doing marketing you undoubtedly have lots of different excel sheets and getting the data out can often be difficult.  Having good data is really the key to good marketing and good marketing is the key to buying homes at a discount.  

I thought I would start by covering 2 key things you can do with your data before you start marketing.  List stacking and pulling out corporations.

List stacking
List stacking is finding an owner who shows up on multiple different lists.  For example, you may purchase a list of absentee owners and another list of owners going through bankruptcies.  By "stacking" these lists together you are able to market to just the folks hitting multiple lists and save dramatic amounts of marketing dollars.  

Pulling out the corporations from your list makes a lot of sense.  First, if you are texting or cold calling you won't be able to skip trace a corporation through standard channels.  Also, corporations are far less likely to sell to an investor as an individual is. 

I get a little upset when I see people selling special software to do these things.  Rather than type it all out I've created a simple youtube video that will walk you through exactly how to do it.  Excel help - https://youtu.be/80HNpnVo1bg