What Is An Absentee Owner?

Aptly named, absentee homeowners are exactly what you’d expect: the owners of properties that neither live in their own assets or actively manage them. For all intents and purposes, absentee owners stay true to their name; they exercise more of a laissez-faire approach to the concept of owning a home.

Absentee owners may be away from their properties for countless reasons. It is entirely possible absentee homeowners don’t see the property as anything other than an opportunity to capitalize on appreciation, and therefore see no reason to actually live on site. Others may simply reside somewhere else, and are unable to live in the house for the simple fact that it’s too far away to actively manage. If we are getting technical, you could even consider landlords to be absentee owners, as they themselves are not living in the house, but I digress. The phrase “absentee owners” is reserved for those that covet a more hands off ownership strategy.

It is worth noting, however, that, not every homeowner has the luxury of removing themselves from a house without it representing some sort of burden. Many of the vacant homes remain empty because the homeowners either can’t occupy them, or don’t want to, and that’s where investors come in.