Have you ever heard of the 7 deadly sins? Well, religious feelings aside, these are essentially the 7 strongest motivators behind all human bahavior, and 7 powerful keys to persuasion... which as we all know is the key to getting what you want in life and business.

So as a little hopefully helpful tip for your marketing, why not try this approach to your bullets... the 7 deadly bullets. Basically, the best bulleted lists are those which give benefits, make promises and solve problems. So you can use the 7 deadly sins as a basis for writing good persuasive bullets in your REI marketing.

here's a quick sample... not my absolute best effort, but hey... that's what I charge for :)

* Lust - That lifelong dream is right at your fingertips - call today and savor the satisfaction of home ownership tomorrow!

* Gluttony - Nothing's better than being financially flush, call me today and stuff your pockets with cold hard cash within 7 days!

* Greed - The housing market is sky high - jump on your chance to cash in and load up your bank account...

* Sloth - Weighted down with endless home projects? Drop the hammer and pick up the phone to turn your sweat into fast cash.

* Wrath - Kiss the landlord goodbye! Own your first home and make yourself rich for once!

* Envy - Tired of watching your neighbors cash in on this record high housing boom? Call now and find out how much cash you're sitting on

* Pride - You work too hard to pay somebody else's mortgage - Low down payment and easy terms gets you into your own home in as little as 1 week!

Has anyone used this technique? Would love to hear your thoughts. Happy investing.