Hafa Adai!

Hello all, I am young hungry entrepreneur looking to get my feet wet in the real estate. I recently discovered Biggerpockets not too long ago and I am trying make my family's home (my future home) into the best investment possible. I currently reside in Las Vegas, but I am from Guam and my families home in Guam is currently being renovated so we can rent it out. The home should be done in about a month, we are planning on taking the equity to pay off some debt and hopefully get into another property if all goes well and the numbers work. I am looking for a potential property manager in Guam as we have had horrible tenants and property managers in the past and it ultimately cost us more than they helped us. Does anyone have any information on what the current housing market in Guam or any possible information on how I should go about this whole process? My parents like many were vicitims to the 08 housing crash and wanted many rental properties to retire from but did not go about it correctly. I am trying to learn from their mistakes and make sure this property is treated with the correct TLC for it to operate smoothly and ultimately be an asset than it is a liability,  anyways does anyone have any suggestions or advice for a 22 year old just starting real estate investing or someone who is in my position?

Anything helps thank you!