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I am a buy and hold SFR investor in zip code 08030. I am looking for strategies to market for off market deals thru Facebook or other social media platforms. I am willing to outsource this on a fee basis.

Any advise is appreciated.

I am not very tech literate.



I personally would never outsource this. If there is one thing in your business you need to know is marketing. This is SUCH a crucial point for your business, you can not leave it up to others to do it for you. This doesn't mean you have to sit there and do it all yourself. I would absolutely learn it, become a master at it, understand it better than anyone else, and then hire someone (so it is part of your  team) teach him and show him how it is done, and manage him.

If you hire a business to do this for you, they will use the same strategies to do it for your competitor. It makes absolutely no sense. And I PROMISE you they are doing it wrong.

They will most likely send that traffic to a generic landing page, with is an immediate game over for you. You need to know your traffic. REALLY know their pain points and "bad tenants, liens, and pre-foreclosure" are NOT pain points. Find the actual pain points, write an ad that specifically addresses that specific pain point, send them to a "topic page" that discusses that pain point and how you helped many others with that EXCAT pain point, and watch your forms get filled.

For my REI business, I do zero paid marketing. Everything is organic (SEO) and...

All leads are free and I get leads daily without lifting a finger.

If any of you say "well I am not going to learn it, I have no time".. well that's why you don't have my results, and you have no right to complain. The solution is right in front of you. There are no magic shortcuts, and if anyone still thinks there are... well that is why you are still struggling for leads!

Suck it up do it, and in a few months, leads come in on autopilot.

Hope that helps.

Get a website, make it credible, do Facebook ads and PPC while you work on SEO!

Jerryl has a point if;;;;  

1) you have the time to ramp up and learn some complicated technology and system

2) your brain can actually do this (mine couldn't).

3)you actually want to learn FB marketing.  Although as a (past) engineer and currently agree and practice what Jerryl says, know to the expert level everything that your business depends on,  there are limits especially with these technology areas.

I had the good fortune of a freelancer FB marketing knowledgeable guy contact me via my BP contact info (in my post footer below) and offered to set up and run a FB PPC (pay per click) ad campaign.  I pay for the FB ad costs, running about $500/mo and i pay him $1k for every deal I close.  Heck!   That is a great deal for me.  Sadly no deals closed.  Lots of dead leads that I suspect (just me guessing) are fake leads FB is sending through to make me feel like I'm getting something for my $500/mo.   No need to hyjack this thread on FB returning fake leads, please don't.   

I'll give you this guys contact info via PM. I like him, competent re setting up an REI campaign. Is an investor himself...

To be open,  no deals so far.  I'm targeting subject to, low equity, but due to FB or ?? constraints on your wording, we are just saying contact ... for a cash offer.   FWIW there may be smarter ways, I'm just saying, I'm not able to ramp up to learn the best ways, nor am I willing to sign up for the you tube FB marketing guru (Chico ???)  Nice guy, good videos....   Just no time or energy.   

I feel that in time, leads will start flowing here in my Atlanta / chattanooga market.  Could be the big guys's are also advertising on FB and my less sophisticated ads are being out competeted by better ads.  Only guessing.  Its always better to be a small fish in a small pond, then a small fish in a big pond (Atlanta).   FB ads may work very well in smaller markerts.  Maybe Jerryl can comment and offer helps?

@Ronald Cooperman Much of real estate investment with investors and partners is marketing. Getting good at this is part of the process. However, If you aren't interested in the tech portion or marketing details, perhaps partner up with someone who is. You can run the RE details and the partner can run the marketing/tech. Partnerships helped our business scale and grow.

With that being said, I agree with @Jerryll Noorden . Having outsourced to a few VA's and marketing assistance, you can do the job just as good. You can learn SEO and promote your website or content and gain skills you will use for the long run. Check out some SEO tools such as MOZ or AHREFS to get started. Have the FB ads and PPC be the secondary methods.

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