Excel programs to analyze deals

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I took a class in financial modeling, but was curious to see what people were using to crunch numbers?

Anyone have a very simple, easy to use model for multi unit 50-200 units?

Or what are you doing to figure out cash flow/partnerships ects.




i have an excel spreadsheet that you can use. it's a spread that my instructor gave us at FSU for our feasibility analysis course. i would be happy to email to you if you like

I've developed an excel analysis tool with Excel. I've put it together from the textbook ‘Real Estate Finance’, Theory, and Practice by Terrence M. Clauretie, and G.Stacy Sirmans. - pg. 308, as well as a mortgage calculation formulas, and tax calculation formulas.

Check it out; let me know what you think.

It is good and very detailed.

However, I think sometimes it is good to have things set on a timeline. This way you can *see in real numbers* the amount of money (or lack of money...) are you going to have.

You can also plan more than one property this way.

What do you mean? Arranging the spreadsheet by monthly bills and payments, and showing the credits and debits in the 'bank account', and the appreciation month by month/depreciation month by month?

How would you recommend the set up specifically?

ahhhhhh, it is clear to me now - just clicked on your signature link, and lo and behold, you sell a real estate analysis software package that probably does what your recomending my spreadsheet to do. That being said, I still would like to know the set up you recomend....