What is my return on investment here? CAGR or IRR

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I bought this building for 170K with 17K down in July 2011, and had losses first two years. Then profits straight through until selling yesterday 1-13 for 335K inc. 70K we are holding as seller financed note at 6.5% 30 year armot, 6 year balloon. Does the copy and pasted excel, using IRR function represent a pretty accurate view of my return? I am thinking that maybe I should combine first year's loss of 18~ with the down payment?? I included the 70K note with the 170K "walk away with" money.

Thanks for any feedback. Different ways I've tweaked this all come pretty close. Up to 41% down to 37 and I just want to be sure I'm on the right track.

***It was a 7 unit building by the way, grossing 61K annually. It was great timing in a way because we cash flowed 43K out of 60~K gross 2020 "due to covid" (no repairs, super low oil, had just made some renovations and raised a couple of rents 25%)