Renew Indianapolis Properties

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I am hunting for BRRRR properties in Indianapolis and I came across a property that is being sold by Renew Indy. Have any of you done a deal through this process? Is it worth the extra steps? The application approval process takes at least 8 weeks, but many of these properties are very inexpensive so it could be well worth it. They require proof of funds and a scope of work to be submitted for the application. Both of these are doable. I'd love your input. Thanks

@Trago WAllace

It’s exactly as you described. Some good deals but lots of upfront headaches. You have decide if it’s worth it or not. Personally, I have found it not to be and just bang my head against the wall, but certainly people do buy them.

Good luck and keep us updated if you go through it.

@Trago WAllace I looked into a couple of these last month. I could not gain access to the properties due to COVID and was told that I may not be able to for quite some time. There could be some value if you have the patience.

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