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commission/fee problem??
I am currently working with what I would consider a really GOOD investment property buyer broker. I have yet to buy any property from him. No showings either. We have a casual relationship at the moment where he sends... View more
What should we offer??
My husband and I looked at a 2 family home today. The sellers are open to creative financing and I am wondering if there is a way to create a win/win situation. Right now they are asking WAY to much for the property... View more
property summary question
I am trying to understand line by line the property summary line of the Rental Property Analysis Tools. Why is the before tax cash flow less than the after tax cash flow? I would think it would be less, so I am... View more
I possibly found a deal!
Im working on a lease option right now with a motivated seller. There is problem though the house is worth 215k but, they have 2 loans the first one being 177k and the second one being 25k for a total of 202k. These... View more
4 SFR Deal Analysis
Hello all, I have found a distressed landlord with 4 SFR for sale as a group . He claims he must get rid of the properties asap due to financial hardships. 3 of the 4 are currently rented for 450/month and the 4th... View more
Seller financing
Hello all, I was looking for some advice or input on a RE transaction. I began buying SFRs and rehabbing them with the intent to hold them for a return (also, I always keep my options open). So far, so good. I have... View more
manufactured home on permanent foundation
I'm looking at a manufactured home on a permanent foundation for 68k maximum on a short sale. Leary because I don't know about these homes. Previous sales have been for 55 in 95, 75k in 01, 51k in 05 and 228k in 06.... View more
Moving Real Estate to LLC or S corp
Hey I currently own 4 units in Philadelphia PA and wanted some advice as to the best way to transfer them to an LLC or S corp without paying a transfer tax - and also which type of Corp is preferable with regards to... View more
Help on structuring - Chicago, IL
I have a property in which I have already secured private money for the rehab of the property. Problem, I only have some of the purchase price. Here are the numbers: Purchase Price: $60,000 (I have $20,000) Rehab... View more
First Proposed Deal
We have a lead on a home for $60,000 in a neighborhood where the comps run anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000. Taking the lowest price of $100,000, woudl this be a deal? There are no... View more
How do I make sure?
I know that when I purchase a property I need to have complete knowledge of all liens against it. Including, inferior loans, taxes, etc. I also know I need to get a very good appraisal of the condition of the house... View more
Analysis Help
Analysis Help Need help with analysis percentages! I know they are only good for estimates but that what I need for analyzing some deals. Annual operating expenses: Water Electricity Gas Real Estate... View more
In need of some help buying on a contract
My neighbor own,s some houses and i am trying to make an offer to him. He is willing to sell but is worried about capitol gains. What is the best way to purchase a house from him while saving him from taxes?
Help with a deal in Nashville
I'm a new investor, and have been getting some leads from my website, but most of them come from outside my local area. The first real deal that I've come across is in Nashville. The lady has moved to Florida and... View more
24 unit Apt Deal
Here is a deal I've come across and was hoping to run some numbers by you guys to see how my deal analysis skills are coming along. PLEASE point out any errors/misassumptions. Deal Information As It Was Given To... View more
First Deal
The property is a 3/2 main house with two 1/1 apartments out back. The apartments rent for 500 each per month and the house for 1500-1600 per month. Purchase price is 200,000. Comps 300-350,000. Main house needs roof... View more
Strange house with strange public records: please help me understand
I saw a FSBO for a house in a really expensive neighborhood. The price is half of the market price but it has a major foundation problem. As a matter of fact, the house has been deserted for at least 4 years. So I... View more
Offer we go
Just had two offers on two properties from the same seller accepted! They will be the first properties that I am investing in. Any suggestions for the upcoming process? I've already got some great advice but the... View more
$500 House w/ lot...
I've run into a interesting situation with a property. I have located and am in contact with a property owner who has a property he wishes to get rid of by any means. The property is in "Tear Down Condition" so I'm... View more
Auction 7 Unit
there is a Complex with 7 unit that is going for Auction here soon. It is about 1 mile from my house, great neigborhood and all. the rent on the place is suppose to increase to $750 a month tax is about $6000 a... View more
50% rule & ROI question
Hello all, I was thinking about the 50% rule and I was combining this to the ROI. When you evaluate a deal do you factor in your own investment (money wise like down payment) or not? Example, would this deals (not... View more
ROI questions
I would like some insight into calculating returns on real estate projects. I started investing several years ago in condos that rent out with a positive cash flow. I bought units that support higher prices post... View more
Ready for a Deal Analysis
Just throwing this out there for some experienced investors take on the Deal I have been working on. Found Two houses my partner and I like. Both are 2-bedroom Single Family Homes. I optimistic that I can acquire... View more
How does this sound?
First of all i'm a cash flow note finder. The other day this guy calls me telling me about a client of his that has a portfolio of 100 mortgages 75 being 2nds & 25 being 1st in the major center areas of saskatian... View more