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How would you approach this deal?
My friends in Westport, MA were able to rent an incredible waterfront property for about $1500 / month (split between four of them). The property is set up to have 3 units, but the landlord only rents out the bottom... View more
Investor partner advice
We are exploring the possibility of bringing an investor into our land deal and would like your input. We currently have an option on land. Our contract is "buyer friendly", due to the fact that we have been in... View more
What Would YOU Do? Possible Exit Strategy Needed
My first post :D I have been lurking on this site heavily for the past month and would now like get some feedback on my current situation. I have 2 properties that were bought as a beginner with limited education.... View more
I'm sure you've run across this......
I have a project in the Islands that was a referral from an affluent Palm Beach friend. Needless to say the developer is one of the largest on his Island and his net worth personally is vast not to mention his... View more
Is this Duplex a good deal?
As this is my first investment purchase and it would be an out of state investment I would have a property manager continue to run, I would REALLY appreciate any feedback or input!!!! VERY Long Term Tenants (claim is... View more
Condotel deal in this market
Hi all! I need some advice on a condotel deal. The project is called "The Village of Imagine" and includes the Westin Grande Imagine Hotel located across from the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fl. It was... View more
Excel programs to analyze deals
I took a class in financial modeling, but was curious to see what people were using to crunch numbers? Anyone have a very simple, easy to use model for multi unit 50-200 units? Or what are you doing to figure out... View more
Question for everyone.
When deals hit mls is that to late for a good deal. I been looking for properties and haven't landed anything at this point. I don't k now if I'm to conservative with my bidding or whats wrong. When I place a bid I use... View more
Possible deal, how do I proceed
Understanding how to analyze a SFR vs. Duplex
I recently saw a SFR and a duplex for sale. Both had similar asking prices with similar gross rents. I was a little confused, however, when trying to analyze both deals, as the SFR seemed to be significantly better... View more
Duplex deal
I found a duplex in my area. The LP is 109,000 REO, rent support in that area is between 650-700 per unit. Each unit has 2 beds and 1 1/2 baths. Duplex is in good condition. 2 stories with large kitchens and living... View more
Can I buy this house with this plan?
Although I recently worked as a mortgage loan originator for about 3 years prior to the subprime thing, I'm a newbie to creative financing. I have the opportunity to purchase a townhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona in a... View more
File with courthouse or use a title co / lawyer?
Anyone have any advice on a deal im doing. Im doing a subject -to deal and am wondering if i can just have my contract/deed of trust filed at the county clerks office or do i need to do it at a lawyer/title co?
"Cash back at closing from developers"
Hey All, I'm trying to get started in investing and, since I have a full time career that I enjoy and pays me well, I'm not really looking to have REI be my new full timer. I've seen various deals that all sound... View more
First Deal?
Asking Price: 50,000 Taxes(annual): 220 Insurance(annual): 450 Monthly Rents: 600 We have considered offering all cash. If we take a loan, we are looking at around 200/month. I already have 4 people interested in... View more
2-year "worry-free" Lease Back
Hello forum, My company recently recieved a contract with a devoloper of a 4 star Condo-Hotel projectin Orlando,FL. The buyer incentives include a 2-year "Master Lease" (lease-back) program, that guarentee's 2 years... View more
Help with analyzing numbers
This forum has changed the way I view money, not just RE. Thanks to all. I would like to put in an offer on a brick duplex in my neighborhood. It's in great shape...I'm my own property manager and maintance guy but... View more
Apartment Package in Ohio
So a seller just offered to sell me his group of 5 apartment buildings in Cincinnati for 2.1m, holding no note. I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys think of the deal. Here's the scoop: Property generally in... View more
Possible deal #1--need some help
I got a call today from one of my bandit signs. Here are the #'s. Tell me what you would do please. I'm a newbie and feeling overwelmed and scared: Owner is in preforeclosure and 5 payments behind. She has about 15... View more
I think I found a winner!!
We found a 2 family property asking 115K. We will offer 85K and keep out fingers crossed he accepts. We have spoken to a contractor, for rehab. His estimate is 70K, that includes turning it into a 3 family and... View more
Multi-Unit Apartments
I am testing the waters of commercial real estate and was wondering if anyone could look over the numbers I currently have available. Here is how I see the deal. Asking Price- 600,000 # of units- 13 Gross... View more
I need Direction!
All right, I need some help. I have the opportunity to bid on a property that has been reduced on price about 17.6%. It has been on the market since December. It is a 24 unit apartment complex with a contract with... View more
solicitation removed
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agent does not want to give me infor
I asked the agent over the phone what the seller owe, payment, and would the seller carry financing, the agent said she dosent really know, Then agent email me and tells me that she dosent fell comfortable giving me... View more
Rental Property in Detroit
I was considering investing in Detroit. I was wondering if anybody was familiar with how easy or difficult it is to get and maintain renters on the east side of Detroit? I would be targeting primarily section 8... View more