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A duplex of a deal
two 2/1 units in hollywood, fl Paid: 150k Financed: 200k Cash out at closing: 26k Rent:31,200 Mortgage:1700/mo Taxes:3,5k Ins:1700 Vacancy: 1400 Maintenance: 1k total: 7,600 Net profit: 23,600 23,600-31200=... View more
What should I offer?
Have a property that I am currently interested in but really am not educated in understanding investment properties. Here's the deal: 7 unit building - 3 commercial and 4 apartments 1 commercial unit is occupied and 2... View more
REO Triplex
Just came on this morning. Went to view it doesnt look bad at all. Lots of cosmetics - 3-2 br units, at least one can be 3 br. 3000 sq ft. ARV 250K(easy) Needs about 40k repairs Rents 2700/month Bank is asking 135.... View more
REO Advice
Greetings-- I know a bank REO will list the asking price sometime this week. My first question is can I consider this REO to be a "short sale" I know the first mortgage: 198,000 2003 purchase price: ... View more
Can I do this deal? Part 5, What do you think?
I'm a rookie investor looking to do my first deal. I'd be nervous with an auction but this is a little overwhelming... [list]The resident has been in assisted living for some time now(he won't be moving back). The... View more
Family home for sale in New York.
I am moving to UK in a couple of months. I want to sell my single family home with 1200 sq. ft. area, well-manicured property set on a lot of 50 x 144. It is a detached home with 3 bedrooms and 2 full- bathrooms, high... View more
Hi my fellow investor! Is an offer to purchase and contract form different from a contract that I want to wholesale to an investor and where can I locate that form if different from purchase contract? Thanks
First time investor wondering if this is a good deal
It is a foreclosure duplex 2600 sq ft assessed for 94k Asking 35k I will offer 25k plus 10k to fix up Before the bank took it the property was renting 650 per unit with tenant paying for everything The agent told me... View more
Analyze please
Triplex asking $29,000 offer $25,000. Comps none available, tax assessed $46,000 reasonable guess $32,000 to $35,000. Tri-plex 1st floor: 1-2 BR, kitchen w/new ceramic tile & oak cabinets, remodeled... View more
Question about 5bd 2ba SFH
I think I can make this work, but I must admit that 5 bedrooms is a little out of my comfort zone and I fear I might not understand the dynamics well enough to analyze the deal. Specifically, I am worried that it would... View more
35 Suite Apartment Advice
I am in need of some advice on a piece of property that my friend and I am looking at. This would be our first multiple unit purchase. My question is regarding whether the numbers work out to be a reasonable and sound... View more
Crazy (but maybe not) idea to buy at 85% of asking
Since I'm a new investor, I'm obviously trying to figure out as many ways as possible to not lose deals. One crazy idea that I came up with is: Arv 210000 Asking 200000 Use option - purchase price 170000... View more
Beginner question! Need expert advice
Lately I was introduced to a quick way of analyzing property. Say your gunning for strictly 7% cap, the formula would be. VALUE=NET REVENUE/0.07 My question is in, When calculating net revenue, what do you substract... View more
Analyze this....Part II
Here is another one. What selling price would make this a good deal? Asking 350k 12 units Scheduled Gross Income: $72,000 Vacancy (5%):$3600 Effective Gross Income: $68400 Maintenance: $7200 Taxes: $12,600 ... View more
Analyze this....
Here's the deal: Actual Proforma 12 unit asking price 480k Other income 1800 Rent Roll 65820 Adjusted gross 62529 Current Taxes - 12076 Insurance - 3149 Water -... View more
Could be my first deal -- HELP pls with strategy ASAP?!?
OK guys, I'd like your thoughts on this one... [and I have to act fast, as I think I've got competition for this deal] Just found a home with an out-of-state owner who says the home has 'become more of a burden than... View more
Good Deal? Why/Why Not
Please check out this link and see if this is a good deal. I have done some calculations with this online tool to the left of the forum, but I just need to know if what I see is right. I will save any info I have... View more
Duplex deal; flip or rent, or neither?
Hey all, I didn't expect to be posting in this area quite so quickly but we ran into a particular deal in the area that I couldn't ignore and I wanted to get some input in it before the offer went in. First, the... View more
Good deal or not??
I'm interested in a triplex near a college for 100k. A triplex down the street is renting for 455 a unit. These are the numbers I used to calculate cashflow. Mortgage is 665.30 for 100k at 7%. Ins. is 83 a month tax is... View more
Need help with "Subject to" deal
Hey all, I have my first potential deal if I can get it setup "subject to". Here are the details: First mortgage is currently at 211k house appraised for 270k, but really comps to 240k Has a renter in the house... View more
Need help on my commercial property!
Ok, well... I have a liquor store and someone offered me $890,000 with inventory and everything. An unsolicit offer. I also had another broker that said that he could sell the business ONLY for $500,000 which I can... View more
GOOD DEAL? To those who know Vegas and/or have experience renting investment property.........HELP!!! :help: :help: :help: 485 sq ft Studio in apartment turned condo, in community that rents at around 95%... View more
Deal or no Deal
20 Unit Brick Apartment, Pitched Roof (new x 5 years) Separate metered utilities (owner pays none) All electric central air/heat No Vacancy, waiting list to get in Debt service: Asking 750,000 Get for... View more
Holding Notes
A mortgage broker offerd me a deal. A gentleman needs special financing so I was asked to participate in this deal: Property is valued at 800k the gentleman is willing to give me 60k in advance as well as pay the... View more
Need advice on a potential deal
Guy calls me yesterday, going through a divorce they want to liquidate fast. From my number crunching we're in my ballpark at a 1900 sq ft house, I'm going to check it out in a few hours. Now heres the problem. The... View more