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Trying to arrange my first is the proposal!
Okay, so I found this vacant property that I really want to purchase as my first investment property. I contacted the owner of the place to talk to her about selling - she said she wasn't interested, and planned on... View more
Condo unit (rent or sell)
Here is a scenario that I am looking at: 1bd + Loft, 1ba 800 sqft, condo in a 12 unit, 3 level building. It is an REO, listed @ $61,900. Needs about $5200 in repairs. Comps come in at about the $75,000 to $90,000... View more
Tiniest/weirdest house on the block
Now if the numbers worked, would you pursue a house VERY different from all those in the neighborhood? It would probably resell as the cheapest smallest house in town, and the layout is kind of bizarre due to it having... View more
5 Units/ 2 Properties
I need some help analysing this potential deal. I can buy direct from the owner; two adjacent properties. Do I buy and flip, or rent and hold? 3 family (brick) 5-5-3, 2bds, 2bds, 1bd--Gross $1650 2 family (wood... View more
Spec Homes
I have the opportunity to buy 200 spec homes built by a national builder. They are at 70% LTV. Is this a good value? It is in a major city.
Purchase or Pass?
Ok, here it is: My offer is 173k with 13K back at closing. Total Purchase Price $173,000 Seller Concession $13,000 (roof repairs and closing costs/fees) Downpayment (15%) $25950 Debt Service:... View more
Option deal on mixed-use - am I missing anything?
Got a 65 yo widow. Husband ran retail business in location and rented two 3 br apartments above. He dies, no interested heirs to take business. She's clueless about RE. She enters into a 5 year with a commercial... View more
Please help with this deal??
House is rented out for $250 a month currently. They want me to pay 2K to assume the loan and continue to make payments of $147. I asked about who's name would be on the title etc and they said something like. I... View more
creative thinkers needed
25 unit Apt Bldg Asking $1Mil Cap Rate: (Potential) 8.50% Price paying (Per Sq. Ft.): $ 60.77 Price per unit $ 4 4,000.00 Gross Rent Multiplier 6.62 Expenses per unit $ (2,906) Expense to Income ratio 43.72% Income... View more
15 unit. 750K asking price. 650 rents. Good deal?
Hi guys I'm considering this one. Area is safe. 15 units, 2br each 800 sq ft, 1 bath Rents 600 each coin laundry in basement. All updates are done. Needs nothing. The asking price is 750K Is that price... View more
I am a new investor and recently submitted a bid on a Property (REO), it is listed for $300 and needs alot of work. My contact suggested I a bid of $270. I wanted to bid 70% or 80 % of the asking price . The... View more
Need Advice about a deal
I have come across 3 houses on 1 lot listed for 209k approx 69k per house. I pull up the tax value for each they are worth about 95k no comps listed for the area. However it is in an up and coming location where the... View more
Help me analyze this deal
I found a apt complex which I ran through the property analysis tool but I want check with the experts here before I decide to pass since the numbers don't seem to work. I may or may not be doing it correctly. Here... View more
Is this a deal
I have an investor selling a house for $210K. The house has a tenant that pays $1,500/mo. The comps in the area range from $275K - $330K. I was going to finanace with hard money lender with 75% LTV and 6 mo terms. ... View more
IS this a good deal?
House on Mississippi Coast. Owned by man in Military. Transferred and needs to sell. Appraised at $572,000, needs $85,000 in repairs, asking $375,000 which is about $200,000 less than appraisal. Good neighborhood.... View more
Good deal (I think)
While I think this is a good deal, i'm a little hesitant to jump on it because i'm still new at this and I'd probably have to get a HM loan which is something I've never done. Property is in Southern IN (in the... View more
What would you pay for this?
I looked at a large yr 1900 building today. The exterior has been redone. The interior is completely gutted. No heating, no plumbing, but septic exists. It is 3500 sq ft. Good location for a rental..not an OO, as you... View more
What do you look for in Preconstruction deals?
Hey all, My family is currently developing a condotel building and getting ready to start selling preconstruction contracts. This actually isn't an advertisement for it in any way, as the lawyers say that we... View more
Builder's deal?
Hi A buddy who is my neighbor in a commercial building. I have a retail store, he has a mortgage brokerage office. He has this deal he told me about. A builder he knows has 6 brand new residential properties in an... View more
How to find property owner
I have a prospective property that I have found is in the name of an estate. The title search that I have found has the title transfer to the estate, well over 10 years ago. Any ideas on how to find out how to try to... View more
Need Help in determing if this is a good deal
I have a property that they are asking $300K. approximate rehab costs are $100k for a total of $400k. This house was build in 1957 with 2417 sq feet on a main road. As you can till it needs extensive work. Zillow comps... View more
Cash Out Help
I am dealing with a REO property. Appraisal is 150,000 but all of the comps sell for about 140,000 or less. The home needs 12,000 to 20,000 in rehab to get it back to life. I am preaproved for a loan but the down... View more
Is this a deal?
Situation: Elderly couple facing foreclosure. Will sell me their property "at cost". Have about 50K in equity. Will be paying me rent (positive cash flow for me). Then when they are comfortable and get their... View more
Good Deal? 1st rehab...
-new siding -has HVAC -new windows and doors. -1600sqft Asking 80K ARV 150k based on similar house in the area (same street) that are 169,9 Thinking of orferring them 60k and see where it goes....