Help me analyze this deal

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No garage your rent will be $800. You need to invest in security measures: cameras, 6 outdoor motion lights, better locks, needs new flooring, roof is 30 years old. You cannot get 3.5 rate on 100% financing that's not of this time. 

Ok first of all, holy cow how did you get all that info? Second, thanks for the input. I guess it wouldn't be 100% financed because I'm gonna look for an investor to bring the down payment. It says it has a garage and it on google maps it looks like it does but not sure without a front view. I figured it'd need new flooring and fresh interior paint so I guesstimated 10-15k for repairs. I was planning on doing an FHA loan because I heard they have 3.5% rates. Maybe that's not feasible tho? What would be a more realistic interest rate?