Need Advice about a deal

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I have come across 3 houses on 1 lot listed for 209k approx 69k per house. I pull up the tax value for each they are worth about 95k no comps listed for the area. However it is in an up and coming location where the city is revitalizing the area. My question is how will the bank look at this deal. One loan or three different? I will rent these properties.



To clarify and then answer...

If there is one lot then I believe you are saying that there is 1 tax ID, one deed, etc. On the lot there happens to be three structures.

When you buy such a property there is 1 title to transfer. There is legally 1 piece of real estate.

A lender wants to secure their loan by a lien on the property. A mortgage or a trust deed. The lien will be recorded against the 1 lot, it will be a cloud on the title. Hence the lien covers all the structures.

In practical terms you are looking for a loan on a triplex. If the history of the property shows that the structures were not built to code or that they could not be rebuilt if destroyed the lender may decline to write the loan.

John Corey